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Dec 2, 2011 04:14 PM

Four Nights in New Orleans

Hello Everyone-

My partner, his mother and I are heading to New Orleans directly after Christmas. We are a unique group! My partner is a vegetarian, I am a fish eater and his mom eats almost everything!

I already have a lunch a Commander's Palace on our list. We once went when it was in Vegas and loved it. Anywhere else that should be a "must do" in New Orleans. Is it very busy during Christmas, should I make reservations for a party of three?


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  1. Around any holiday, I would definitely make reservations, and especially at any widely-known and respected or highly touted restaurant.

    I think that you will find CP's better than the LV iteration.

    As for vegetarian fare, I will be of no use, as we are like your mom - omnivores through and through, but others can be very helpful. Also, most more popular restaurants can do vegetarian, with but a little notice. I have never had any issues, with dietary restrictions, in New Orleans. I just let them know ahead of time, and they have all come through, even with M-I-L, who seems to only eat Popeye's fried chicken! We have had three chefs, who added similar to the menu, just for her, and one even offered to send a runner to an actual Popeye's, just for her. We declined that offer, and they covered all bases from their kitchen (Domenica's).



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      Restaurant August has a wonderful sounding vegetarian menu composed of several courses. Everything they do is outstanding, so I think the vegetarian offering would worth trying.

    2. I'm a big fan of Brigtsen's, and I think they'd be happy to accommodate a diverse party such as yours. There are enough veggie components in the various preps that with some advance recon you could put together a meal to make your partner swoon. As for you, assuming you also like shellfish, the Seafood Platter would be the way to go. Frank Brigtsen has a particularly deft hand with seafood and the platter is the best way to enjoy as much as possible. Just tell Mom to order whatever looks good... it will be! Service is always top notch, and while the space is a bit cramped, it all adds up to a charming experience with spectacular food.

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        I have to be a +1 for Brigtsen's (We will be there 12/27, from Wisconsin).

        If you're in the Quarter and want a nice lunch, consider The Green Goddess, on Exchange Alley.

        1. re: Monch

          Color me jealous! Have a great meal and tell Marna that Lee from Salt Lake City says "hi"!

          1. re: GroovinGourmet

            You got it, Lee.

            Brigtsen's is the ONLY restaurant in New Orleans that we ask "which night" and not "do you want to try...".

            Never skip it when we're in town.

            1. re: Monch

              Great minds think alike! I've only skipped it once, at the ex-wife's request. One of the reasons she is an ex! I've always wanted to hit Brigstsen's twice in a trip... doubling my chances of having the beef tenderloin... they were out on my last visit and it is the one main I have eyed but yet to enjoy.

              1. re: GroovinGourmet

                We had a lovely dinner at Dante's Kitchen and Jaquesimos!