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Dec 2, 2011 03:44 PM

Corn Beef Guy Food Truck in Olney

just had a fantastic hot pastrami on great rye and a "Donna" corn beef, Cole slaw Russian dressing on rye. Great addition and is located at the Olney Exxon on weekends and nights except Monday and Tuesday. Rumors have him making challah French toast on the weekends. Please visit is great and for selfish reasons I want him to succeed so he stays in Olney! Yaaaayyyyyy

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  1. I might have to visit my friend who lives around there, good excuse to hit it up!

    1. Well, today at 3pm, they were out of Pastrami. Also, I was told by gas station not to park there, but go to bank lot next door. I asked what they do when bank is open and he said people park at the bank then too. Maybe the street next to the station is a better bet.