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Dec 2, 2011 03:33 PM

What is "The Real Arizona Deal"

What is the classic Arizona food experience? We are traveling through next month ... driving roughly from Phoenix to Tucson, Bisbee, up to New Mexico, Superstition Mountains ... could add places. What would be the quintessential Arizona experience, divey or upscale, perhaps the signature Arizona dish(es). Thanks for any help!

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  1. Sonoran hot dogs in Tucson. Do a board search, different people have different favorite places.

    Arguably Cafe Poca Cosa in Tucson for upscale, but this more regional Mexican than Arizonan.

    Tortillas from Carolinas in Phoenix.

    I actually think Chelsea's Kitchen in Phoenix, in its own weird, upscale way, really typifies Arizona chow. Semi-open-air, homemade corn tortillas, influences from California, Mexico, and New Mexico.

    Los Dos Molinos in Springerville for New Mexican-style Mexican.

    1. What you'll find in AZ that you won't find elsewhere is Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine, and you'll find various takes on Tucson restaurants on this board. I know of visitors (can't say myself, since I'm not a carnivore) who swear by the carne seca (air-dried beef) chimichanga at El Charro (preferably the downtown venue, if only for the better dining experience). So if you only have a limited stay in the Old Pueblo, try that for one meal and then Cafe Poca Cosa for another - it's not strictly Sonoran, but definitely upscale and eclectic.

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        I can vouch for the carne seca plate at El Charro's downtown location. It's excellent, unique, and much better than the chimichanga.

      2. I'll probably catch hell from others, but as far as "Arizona Style" goes, I've taken many visitors to Pinnacle Peak in Tucson. They always enjoyed it and had fun. Click on Pinnacle peak at the top of the page for the menu.

        1. Here's another one for Phoenix, like I said I'll probably catch hell for these.

          1. Mexican is certainly the classic Arizona food experience, and you'll find lots of recommendations for Phoenix, Tucson, and Bisbee if you do a search. For your road trip from Bisbee back to Phoenix, check out the restaurants along "The Salsa Trail":