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Dec 2, 2011 12:29 PM

Lunch at New Lun Ting ..... SF Chinatown

comments on another thread about lunch plates led me to New Lun Ting ..... aka the pork chop place.
I never have tried this place before although I often walked by in my youth and noticed the place was popular with older Chinatown residents ( mainly men in the old days) ...... I was usually headed down the street to the Jackson Cafe ( RIP ). The recent mention of roast pork got my attention and that's one of the plates that we ordered ..... also got the beef tongue with brown sauce/gravy. Very generous plates - big scoop of rice and lots of meat along with a good portion of canned corn. I took a full small box home ...... had to go back to work and it would have been a long afternoon if I ate it all. The roast pork was tender and moist and anointed with the brownish/orangey gravy ..... good but not as savory as I remember the roast pork at Mariposa- which had more carmelization and a salty crust. The beef tongue was also tender and moist and served in a very generous portion. The tea and diner style tomato soup started things off ..... then the rice plate - followed by a lemon jello square ( nice tang/full flavor). New Lun Ting is now frequented by elderly women as well as men ........ and everybody who wants a bargain meal. IIRC there used to a U shaped counter ? Now there is still a long counter on one side of the restaurant for single diners, several booths on the opposite side and tables in between. Very old school kind of place. The waitress was quite affable.

New Lun Ting Cafe
670 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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  1. Thanks for the report on Pork Chop House. For the longest time I never knew the name of that place except as Pork Chop House. A few relatives and friends who grew up in SF/Bay Area still go there if they're in Chinatown. So how much is the roast pork plate or pork chop plate?

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      In my youth it was a buck a plate but not it about 8 dollars for an order. Which is still a good deal. In the day my Mother would send me to pick up an order to go since she did want to walk into a "Men" only eatery. What is now missing is the custard and apple pie at the pork chop house. In fact I once bought a pork chop house t shirt while on vacation and could have trade it for a few "free" lunch expect it was too large for the staff.

      1. re: yimster

        Apple pie is still on the menu for $1.25 ...... $2.25/$2.40 for a la mode. Didn't see custard pie. And I saw a stack of pink pie boxes piled up near the counter. Was too full to try a slice - similar in style to Sam Wa Kue?

        1. re: gordon wing

          Similar but not the same. Still go Chinese take on American pies.

    2. I spend very little time in SF Chinatown, but I used to and I don't think I ever noticed any restaurants below Columbus!

      My favorite uncle loved Jackson Cafe: Duck Yee Foo Won Ton and I think Clams in Black Bean Sauce.

      1. my memory may be fading but in my decades of coming here. i only faintly remembered a u-shaped counter. if there was one, the u counter was removed quite a while ago (decade or 2).
        the "thrill" of the visit here is the descent down the ancient stairs. the cramped bathroom stall may be vintage 19th century. but i have no reference point.....
        partial to the curry lamb, roast beef, chicken fried steak, ..really love the coffee here...
        of course, there's chinese food here also but i never order that.

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        1. re: shanghaikid

          The u shape counter when away in the early 70 so is so it maybe 40 years ago. Next time I go I will ask.

          I think they serve fried chicken steak not my favorite a steak fried chicken style.

          The only Chinese food I would order is the salted fish fried rice.

        2. New Lun Ting is one of the places that helped me keep body and soul together in the early 60's (along with the Jackson Cafe, Sun Tai Sam Yuen and Woey Loy Goey's 10 cent pork buns). If there's a New Lun Ting historian, I imagine it would be Leland Wong whom, I suspect; is responsible for NLT having its own Facebook page.

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          1. re: soupçon

            Well maybe I can add to the history of NLT. The Yee family has owned this landmark place since the 50's or early 60's. Before that the Mark family I believe opened Lun Ting before WWII.

            Next the see someone from both families I will confirm this.