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Dec 2, 2011 12:20 PM

Substitute for NAOE?

I was SO looking forward to a return visit to NAOE during our visit to Miami in 3 weeks, but I just got a call from the restaurant that they have to close their current location b/c the city is taking over their space. And just 4 days before our reservation. BOO.

Are there any other sushi/Japanese restaurants in the area that even come close?

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  1. Your best bets are yakko san (not for sushi though they have it) which is very close. Or makoto which is in bal harbour which I have never been to but I hear raves about.

    Nothing I have been to in miami matches NAOE for sushi.

    1. There is nothing like Naoe in Miami, sorry you're going to miss out. But Makoto in Bal Harbour had very nice sushi and sashimi when I've been there and several interesting cooked dishes as well.

      Yakko-San is very good for izakaya style cooked items but their new sushi menu is mostly pedestrian.

      Actually the closest I think you'll find to Naoe is at Sushi Deli / Japanese Market, a hole-in-the-wall sushi bar inside a small Japanese market on 79th St. Causeway. Chef Kushi gets great fish and is a real pro. Tricky hours, he closes at 7pm so it's primarily a lunch place.

      1. Wow - what happened to naoe? I never got a chance to go, and now it's going to disappear?

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