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Dec 2, 2011 10:13 AM

Cook from an iPad? Check this out.

I've got my entire recipe DB on mine and I cook from it all the time. LOVE it! Yesterday the whole arrangement got even better when I got this nifty frame that mounts my iPad to an overhead cabinet.
This places it solidly at eye level and off the counter where it takes up precious space and gets glommed with powdery and greasy things.

At $50 it's not cheap for a tiny bit of metal and plastic but it does the job, holding the iPad securely and going onto and off of the cabinet effortlessly.

Belkin makes two other options. See all of them here:

Hope it makes someone else's cooking and baking more fun and convenient too.

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  1. Oh, wow, that is so going on my wish list. Thx.

    1. I got this one as well as a stylus to keep my dirty fingers off the screen while cooking.

          1. re: ferret

            Just use a large ziploc. Way cheaper!

          2. What app are you using for the recipe DB? I keep looking at desktop-based ones, but every one I find does something I don't like, and I end up planning to write my own, and never do.

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            1. re: antimony

              I've been using Pepper Plate and I love it. The computer version is free and the iPad app is pretty cheap, and it's very easy and intuitive to use. They don't have many websites in their database for one-click recipe adding, but actually their bookmarklet makes adding your own very quick & easy. Only complaint so far is that you can only add recipes from your computer, not the iPad. Other than that it's a great app.

              1. re: antimony

                It is a bit or work to add recipes but I use the Recipe App box for my Ipad. It has nice features such as ingredient search, recipe categorization, shopping lists etc... I usually only enter recipes that are keepers which I am likely to make again or which I would like to share with other people. In terms of my full recipe database, I use the Eat Your Books service (, which allows me to search all the recipes in my cookbooks, or my own personal recipes.

                1. re: antimony

                  I've been using MacGourmet for years, It has both conventional desktop interface and iPad/iPod apps. Either can be used independently and they synch together. You can get upgrades that include a nutritional breakdown and cookbook publishing.

                  I love carrying the app and my DB with me. And my DB is possibly one of the most precious things to me -- 40 years of cooking and learning and celebrating and sharing. After all the living people and animals were rescued, my DB is one of the primary things I'd want to get out of a burning house.

                2. if the iPad 3 has a Siri feature, she will just be able to tell you what to do from across the room.

                  PROBLEM SOLVED!