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Dec 2, 2011 10:09 AM

Dancing Deer Baking Co. Sugar Cane Lime Cookie?

Anybody seen these in town? These are my fav sugar cookie. I use to get my fix at the La Jolla Whole Foods but they haven't had them the last few times I checked.

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  1. may want to try their website, there are some sites offering % discounts and free shipping.

    1. Jimbo's, Henry's, Harvest Ranch, Jonathan's & Cardiff Seaside Market all carry Dancing Deer - you might want to just start calling around to ask if any of them have the lime cookies in stock. and did you ask customer service at WF about them? someone may have just forgotten to put in the order for that flavor.

      1. I haven't, but if you find them locally can you please let us know. I hate paying shipping if not necessary! Thanks.