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Dec 2, 2011 09:50 AM

Best lunch (on cheaper side) with water view in Ft. Lauderdale

Coming through next Thursday and have time for one lunch....would like to sit near the water.
What are my options for fairly inexpensive but really good.
From my minimal searching I have discovered The Downtowner and Aruba Beach Cafe.

I know that no water view expands my options (Pomperdale Deli, My Market, Rok: Brgr), but I do like the water and fresh seafood.


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  1. Blue Moon Fish Co on the Intracoastal - it's on Commercial Blvd. They used to have a a good lunch special BOGO, but I would call them first to make sure they still have it. It's not too expensive for lunch even if they don't have the BOGO.

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    1. re: OysterHo

      At the risk of sounding stupid...which I think I have gotten used to by now.....what is BOGO? I cant be the only person who has asked them selves this after reading that right?

      1. Coconuts is a reasonably priced, casual seafood place with an Intracoastal Waterway view and is dockside to many boats. Ceviche, coconut shrimp, and seared tuna salad were all very good on my only visit. It always gets praise here for outdoor/dockside/on the water dining.

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          I second Coconuts. They are one of the few locations in Lauderdale on the water with reliably good food and service.

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              4th! That is intercoastal water fyi. If you want ocean water, I'd go to one of the nicer hotels (W for example) and you can eat looking at the beach and ocean. Aruba's is not very good eats and a middle age singles scene at happy hour.

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                5th - but the best kept secret on their menu are the scoobies!! Cocktail size crab claws sauted in shalots, tons of garlic and butter/olive oil and served with grilled bread for sopping up the delectable liquids at the bottom of the bowl. To kill for !!

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            Love Coconuts. Their menu is unique. Nice friendly atmosphere. You can bring your dog on the outside patio if you wish.

          2. HIDDEN GEM! Every family member that visits and anyone who comes to Ft. Lauderdale and asks for a casual, affordable, but upscale meal with a view, always gets the same answer - The Pelican Grand Beach Resort on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Get your food served right on the rocking chairs on their covered porch with an ocean view no matter what the weather is like from their lounge (not the restaurant). There is an old fashioned ice cream parlor right in the building too. Take quarters, there is only metered parking.

            1. The Sea Witch has pretty views, ate lunch there about a year ago which was nice.