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Dec 2, 2011 09:00 AM

Mississauga Lunch with Client - Derry/Hurontario

I have to take a client out for a nice lunch but can't seem to find anything in the area.

The closest nicest restaurants (but still about 15 minutes away) that I know of are Saucy or Aioli.

Is there anything closer to Derry/Hurontario? Is there anything better about the same distance away?

Thanks in Advance

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  1. There's a nest of restos down Hurontario at Brunel just south of Britannia on the east side: Kumai(Japanese), Sombrero(Mexican), Nirvana(Indian). There's also the collection of haute fast food at Courtney Park+Hurontario around the AMC theatres. A bit further afield at Tomken+Eglinton is Blue Sage BBQ--well-liked hereabouts.

    1. Bistro Chezanne at 209 Queen Street South in the center of Streesville is a classy little bistro I was treated to as a client for lunch about a year ago. It was quiet and the tables were adequately spaced so we could comfortably discuss business details. I was so impressed i've returned several times with my family since then and it just gets better. It's a substantial step up the culinary ladder from Saucy.

      1. There is also Culinara (Formerly Elliot House ) on Kennedy Rd, just south of Britania.

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          I like Grill One or whatever it is called now on the NE corner but probably too casual for you...

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            Thanks. My business partner actually takes cooking courses here and it is less then 10 minutes from my client. I have booked it