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Blessed with TWO fresh pineapples. Any idea of what to do with them?

It is only the two of us and I am busy making Christmas cookies and candies. Anything I can do which will allow us to enjoy the pineapples but not all today? Sweet or savory? Food or liquor? TIA

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  1. Around Thanksgiving I made a pineapple pickle. This was from a Singpore/Malasia cookbook (in a hot Indian style).

    There are also some Mexican salsas that have a pineapple base. Pineapple might also be used in one of the moles (Mancha mantales).

    1. Fill up a pitcher with slices, then add vodka to top. Put it in the fridge for a week and enjoy some wonderful pineapple cocktails. I also like making fried rice with pineapple, red pepper and mandarin oranges. Lots of ginger goes well with it.

      1. So many options -

        1) for SURE eat some fresh and plain, especially if they are really fresh pineapples (do now)

        2) the vodka idea is great - I always suggest that on here with leftover fresh fruit and I don't think anyone does it. but it is so easy and so tasty and a great way to use fruit that is "past its prime" (keeps forever practically)

        3) sauted with butter and brown sugar over ice cream (will keep for a few days)

        4) juiced

        5) like the fried rice idea

        6) pineapple and pork are always a good combo - pork chops with baked pineapple slices on top

        7) Pineapple salsa over a meaty fish or in a fish taco (can add mango/etc for a tropical fruit salsa if you want variety)

        8) Pineapple and mint are a great combo in drinks - desserts -etc. Could make a pineapple mint granita (would keep for a few days too, so something to help stretch our your enjoyment)

        ENJOY them!!!

        you can always cut off the top, stick it in some soil and let it grow for a while too (I think we did that way back in grade school) though I don't think it will ever fruit again - still fun.

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          I suggest a variation on #3. Sauté in butter and brown sugar, but then pour in some rum and flambé before pouring over vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm mmmmm good.

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            It actually will bear fruit again, though it takes around 18 months in an ideal climate so in a pot maybe a few years will be necessary.

            Pineapples are one of the few foods I don't bother 'gilding the lily'. Definitely eat some fresh and un-messed with. It's a pretty wonderful fruit.

            Grilled pineapple is also super nice, whether it's on a kebab or over ice cream. Amazing how nice grilled pineapple tastes, without any spices, sweeteners, or seasonings (though I'm a huge fan of butter and brown sugar on just about anything else).

          2. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of cooked pineapple, especially when it's done sweet.
            I'd eat it fresh and they with what you can't eat I'd make pineapple fried rice, which is just about the only coked pineapple dish I like.
            I tend to think of sweet pineapple dishes as kind of cheesey and often WAY over sweetened.

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              I agree - if the fresh pineapples are sweet, eat them plain. I can get through one by myself in the course of a week, which is about as long as a butchered one will keep in the fridge.

              If pressed to use it up before it fermented, I'd saute bite-sized pieces in butter and brown sugar or agave nectar, then add rum and either cook alcohol out, or flame. Use atop ice cream and/or pound cake.

            2. Chutney...! Pineapple chutney, or pineapple mango chutney... great with fish, meat, fried rice. Here's a pretty good recipe...

              1. You can try this, delicious on top of vanilla pound cake:

                There's a recipe for sorbet right underneath. Enjoy!

                1. Absolutely, positively, I would make pineapple upside-down cake. Just writing this little paragraph makes me want to go buy one and do the same.

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                    I had the most excellent pineapple dessert in Barcelona (at Taperia Lolita, the former Inopia) earlier this year. Drizzle the cut pineapple with molasses and shower it with lime zest. The combination is thrilling. And so easy.

                    Here is a photo (not my own):


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                      That's one of my favorite ways of eating pineapple. That's one of the best 'recipes' I got from Batalli's Roadtrip.

                  2. Some other suggestions:

                    1- grill the pineapple after marinading it in sugar, lime juice and chili flakes
                    2- fresh thai salad with other tropical fruit, spinach and a sesame/lime/cilantro dressing
                    3- Hawaiian red pepper and pineapple stirfry
                    4- Caribbean black beans and pineapple
                    5- Caribbean sweet potato curry with coconut and pineapple
                    6- Sri Lankan pineapple curry

                    The curries would freeze well


                    1. I buy a pineapple weekly, cut the peel away, quarter it length-wise, remove the core, slice it length-wise and then width-wise into bite-size pieces, put it in a container, place it in the frig and have about a dozen slices a day. There is always pineapple in my frig. It's like eating candy, it's so sweet and a great nutritional daily snack!

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                        I'm with you! I quarter it first, slice off the core (then cut the core into 1" chunks that I freeze and use, still frozen, as a facial "scrub" and enzyme "peel"), then cut away the rind and cube the fruit. I've mixed it with tangerine sections and shredded coconut, frozen it and used it in smoothies (no need to add ice!), added it to stir-fried pork, drizzled it with lime juice and gave it the ol' George Foreman treatment. But fresh pineapple is a gift from the gods and I try to keep it as simple as possible.

                      2. Cut the top off of one of them and carefully hollow out. Fill with your favorite punch or cheap rum. Leave in the fridge for a day in a bowl for possible leakage. Add two straws and enjoy. Keep reusing it until it falls apart.

                        Sticking the cut off top in the ground will work. You will need a pot at least one foot deep, lots of fertilizer, and an area 5 feet in diameter for the sharp leaves. After two years, your first pineapple will be one third the size of the original. They get larger in subsequent years.

                        2 years and $100.00 in compost to get $3.99 worth of fruit.

                        1. My favorite pineapple recipe is to mix about a 1/4 cup of spiced rum (Captain Morgan), a half stick of butter, and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Heat until the butter is melted and sugar is dissolved. brush on pineapple slices and grill, a couple minutes each side until the sugar starts to carmalize. Yum!


                          1. there is no better application for fresh pineapples than slicing and eating immediately.

                            1. Love all these ideas!
                              I grill fresh pineapple and then cut up without the core and I make a killer trifle dessert out of it with pound cake layered with French vanilla pudding, fresh grilled pineapple and repeat about 3 times..
                              Top with fresh whip cream.
                              It is sublime..

                              1. There is a Brazilian restaurant in Chicago that grills a pineapple whole then slices it thin to serve it along with grilled meat. Every time I have taken out-of-town guests there, afterward they have gone home to set up their Weber and grill a pineapple.