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Dec 2, 2011 08:29 AM

Place to get scotch samples or a sampler set in NYC?

I was getting ready to buy a scotch sampler set off of a UK-based site ( for my husband's birthday when the one I wanted sold out. I've trolled the web but can't seem to find any information on places in NYC that sell Scotch samples. I know little to nothing about Scotch (except that he likes it) so a set with multiple varieties would be ideal. Anyone know of a place that sells this? Thanks!

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  1. How much does your husband like scotch? I'm a big fan of scotch and usually have a variety of bottles around at any time. If I got one of the samplers that you're looking at as a gift, I would sigh, thank the giver and when no one was looking, shove the box into the back of a closet to use for emergencies I guess. A sampler has 5 bottles of 3 centiliters. Enough for a few sips each. Total volume looks to be about the equivalent about 1/5 of a standard bottle (a fifth) so you're getting a twenty fifth?Looking at the price and adding in shipping, I'm guessing a sampler will run you at least 40USD which is not a good value. Is that how much you want to spend? For that price you can pick up a decent bottle of a single malt. If you can spend a little more, say $65 you can get a 15 year old Balvenie. I've never had anyone turn up their nose at that. If your husband really loves scotch a lot and you really love him a lot, the Balvenie 21 at $175 is a truly special bottle.

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      Thanks for the insight. I was thinking the samples would give him a chance to try a few (and was a bit more interesting as a gift) but if they're really that small it doesn't sound worth it, cost-wise especially. Hmm.

    2. How about a gift certificate to Brandy Library? He can choose to spend it on a scotch flight or a scotch tasting class...

      Brandy Library
      25 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013

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        Have you ever done any of the classes there? I've done ones at Astor W&S, including a Scotch one, and really enjoyed them. Great facility. Wondering how Brandy Library ones are.

        Astor Wines & Spirits
        399 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003

      2. Keens doesn't sell samples to take home, but they have very nice scotch flight tasting menus (at differing price ranges).

        I did the Great Scots tasting last year and really enjoyed it. If you call ahead I'm sure it could be arranged to have a credit card on file so that there's no bill at the end of the tasting.

        72 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018