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Dec 2, 2011 07:00 AM

Muffaletta Bread in Houston?

Looking to make some Muffaletta's in the near future, and don't want to have to bake my own bread. Does anyone know anywhere to buy this around Houston/ Clear Lake?

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  1. I would also be interested.

    I usually resort to using focaccia from one of the grocery bakeries.

    1. Wow, I'm in New Orleans at the moment.. Yesterday I made a stop at Central Grocery on Decatur, ground zero for a muffuletta sandwich. Don't know where in Houston to find a suitable substitute.

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        Abe's on Clear Lake City Boulevard will sell you some.

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          Hey Bornie, I was in NOLA on the 4th too. Did you see me? I ordered oysters at Acme to my disappointment.

          1. re: Lambowner

            Yeah,, I was at Acme's on Friday the 2nd.. The oysters were tiny, tiny! Desire for lunch,, part of the Hotel Sonesta and the Oyster's were triple the size.. Dinner at Mr B's, the bbq shrimp was terrific. Lunch Sunday at Coop's down the street from the French Mkt in the Qtr.. Hole in the wall place, blue collar prices, large portions of terrific Louisiana food. Let me guess,,, u were staying at the Marriott and on a SWAir flight at 555pm on Sunday, back to houston?

            1. re: bornie

              Actually came in on Sunday (right when the game started, sigh, the traffic) and left Tuesday. Hit up Acme, yes, tiny and "coldest oysters in town??" Not even served on ice. Coffee at Du Monde, a dinner at Emeril's Delmonico (just okay), a dinner at John Besh's Luke with two dots over the "u", oysters were good there also. We always stay at The Lafayette, which is a boutique hotel just off the quarter next to the courthouses, which is the reason we are there. I thought I saw you Monday night on Bourbon Street. Were you wearing a cowboy hat, boxers and boots? I know it was 80 degrees, but still....

              Pictured: Acme's overrated oysters. Solidarity.

              Oh, and a breakfast at Brennan's the highlight. We were next to the Brennan's publicist showing the food to food writers from France and Italy. Listening in we were. And we had the most charming waiters.

              1. re: Lambowner

                It was my GF in the cowboy hat, boxers and boots actually sipping the Hurricaine.. I was in the Batman suit.. It was HOT! .