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Dec 2, 2011 06:53 AM

Valencia Restaurant for Christmas

I'm looking for suggestions for restaurants that will be open Christmas Eve or Christmas in Valencia. Any thoughts? Also, does Spain have the equivalent of Boxing Day where restaurants are closed the day after Christmas?

Appreciate the help.

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  1. Geraldl,

    I haven't been to Valencia yet but I'm pretty good at doing restaurant research on the Net so, hope this helps.

    Spain doesn't observe Boxing Day. While you wait for specific recommendations, you might do some browsing on Although you'd have to register yourself to use the reservations service (input a dummy Spanish postal code), at least you can see what days the restaurants are open. For example, the link below is for Valencia's La Succursal, a 1-star Michelin in the IVAM (modern art museum). According to the reservations calendar, it's closed on X'mas day but open Dec. 26.

    On my personal list of where to eat in Valencia, I have Ca Sento, La Cuina de Boro and Lloc de Tapas.

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        Looks like La Cuina de Boro has a special 48 euro X'mas menu!