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Dec 2, 2011 06:28 AM

Westchester - Exceptional Restaurants That Have Barely Made it Through A Year

In the Spiga thread, someone mentioned exceptional restaurants in Westchester that have barely made it through a year. I am very curious to hear examples, because I honestly don't believe this is the case. The restaurants that I see failing seem like half-baked, poorly executed enterprises.

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  1. When stated so paradoxically, yes, but I think these people are referring to restaurants that were exciting at first then fizzled.

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    1. re: Big_Salad

      I don't think so, because they were trying to make the point that people in Westchester want mediocre, uninteresting food. I don't believe that is the case.

      1. re: scarsdalesurprise

        Liza was right that restaurants can outlive others with superior food quality (until a point). I wouldn't confine such a phenomenon to Westchester.

        1. re: Big_Salad

          regardless of the point Liza was making the only resto I can think of that was good that didn't survive was the tapas place in white plains that is now a sofrito. I can't believe I don't remember the name. there are a ton of bad ones that close as well though like the barnacle in mamaroneck. THEN back to the tapas place, they move it upstairs at the ritz and it's not quite as good. same owners. maybe slightly different staff. just not the same good eats. boy I miss that steak & egg with brioche served in a souffle dish...

            1. re: Big_Salad

              It appears it has. I'm not surprised. I went there when it first opened and I didn't think it was as bad as many people here thought, (I thought they did some things well) and my husband and I went a few months ago to see if it had improved at all. The place was nearly empty and they were "out" of half the stuff on the menu. We decided to just pay for our drinks and leave. Husband was never so happy to be eating in the Diner as he was that night.

              With so many new places opening in Mamaroneck lately, I'm starting to wonder if I should start a pool on which one will close next.

              1. re: Avalondaughter

                I've never been to Barnacle but heard plenty of reviews similar to yours. Before it was Jolly Trolley, and of course Charlie Brown's for many years. The New England fish shack concept hasn't worked so well in Westchester, even right by the harbor on Boston Post Road (as if that should really help the food). Ebb Tide was in a cozy nautical spot not too far north and experienced only slightly greater success.

                Mamaroneck is one of the better food towns in the county with dozens of options.

            2. re: cubanat

              Thanks, cubanat. I've seen so many bad places come and go, but the good ones always seem to be busy (at least on the weekends).

      2. My thought was primarily around the fact that we do not give restaurants enough time for us to learn their concept. But then again that is not our fault but the banks and financiers. I believe that restaurants that are different and unique need more time to get a following and they don't get that oppurtunity. Not just westchester. But I noticed that let's say in Rockland or Bergen, have different cuisines and get a faster acceptance.

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        1. re: liza219

          Yes Big Salad-Peniche! that place was superb for few years then it went downhill when the ownership group split up.

          Mamaroneck Ave in Mamk is going crazy. Another Asian bistro on the side near Sal's? It was oversaturated before that place opened. Someone need to do a big review of just Mamk Ave for us. Come on Avalon it's right up your alley!

          1. re: cubanat

            I think the modest prices and interesting decor are what keep these asian fusion places around (even in such unbelievable proximity). Being near a movie theater can't hurt either on a saturday night. The original Abis was on that strip before closing, and though unsteady for a while beforehand, they had a decent menu that's become more difficult to find. Maybe once a year I go to the others in Greenwich and Thornwood.

            1. re: cubanat

              I acutally do review a lot of the places up and down the street on my blog. Maybe I should link to some of the posts of places folks are interested in.

              I've tried all of the Asian places, but since I don't like sushi, they're pretty much all the same to me. I like them all, but the only one that has a dish that really stood out above the others was a duck and soba noodle dish I had at Ginban. Actually, I tried the newest one recently and thought it was the weakest of the bunch.

          2. How's China White in Purchase doing? With their higher-than-NYC-pricing, a few months ago this board was wondering if they would survive...

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            1. re: menton1

              People are very divided about it, but the place is always busy when I am there to eat, or to pick for takeout.

              1. re: MRS

                Well, getting away with their pricing is mind boggling; How is the $7 Hot & Sour Soup? Or the $28 Saute Prawns?

                One can even go to hotsy-totsy Greenwich CT and pay $2 for HS Soup and $16 for Prawns at Penang on Lewis Street... (And they are great!)

                1. re: menton1

                  I like their soup and the prawns, too. Will try Penang...sounds good!

                  1. re: MRS

                    I have been to China White twice. Once for lunch and dinner. The place seems always busy and the food delicious. Service is stiff and annoying. Prices are high but the hedge fund crowd doesn't mind. I would prefer a less pretentious place with safer parking and 20% lower prices. Most Chinese places near White Plains are disgusting. Any suggestions?

                    Aberdeen is good but too much a real mainland China experience. If you want chicken feet and scary sea creatures.

            2. I got one! Sunset Grille in White Plains. Excellent little Mexican on Gedney Way that was only opened for about 1 1/2 years, shut due to some problem with the landlord, and never reopened. Boy do I miss that place...

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              1. re: wpfoodie

                I never cared for Sunset Grille. It was like an independent chi-chi's. now le shack on the other hand is missed...

                1. re: cubanat

                  Sunset Grill opened with a bang with great food and then reduced prices and quality. IMHO only weekend business and dead all week. High end Mexican not for Gedney Way. Don Emilio came and went for the 6th time.

                  Emma's Ale House found the right formula. HIgh end Irish bar comfort food and drinks.

                  1. re: Barrels41

                    don't know if they lowered their prices but it was like $16 for a plate of 6 tiny drummy wings at emmas with some sort of sweet asian dip. high end prices maybe but I'll take candlelight or most of the pubs in downtown white plains any day.

                    for chinese aberdeen, the place next to best buy in hartsdale and I like the big place in north white plains. the chicken feet at aberdeen on Sunday mornings are divine. almost equal to crave/addiction as candlelight's wings