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Dec 2, 2011 06:16 AM

ISO: Christmas Lollipops

We used to get Christmas Lollipops every year and I can't seem to find them anymore. I don't know if they had a brand name. They came in a few colors like red, green and yellow. They were clear and were different shapes, 3d shapes and not flat. I remember one was a boot and another one may have been a horse / rocking horse, not sure. Anyone else remember these and where can I find them now?

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  1. try Shane's Candy on Market Street in Phila. Those lollipops were originally made by a different candy maker but I believe the guys from Franklin Fountain bought the molds from that company and they have now purchased Shane's and re-opened it

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      Thanks!!! I will definitely check it out!

    2. They are called barley toy pops sometimes barley clear toy pops or just clear toys which are the figures without sticks. Merrymead in Schwenksville carries them or you can order them online. They are made in Lancaster so also check places that carry PA Dutch products.

      1. Check out any small independently owned candy shop (Lore's in CC, Skip's in Peddlers Village, Bergin's in West Point, etc). We have them every year for nostalgia's sake--boots, horses, trees, etc. --as Katers says, they're called barley pops, and I cannot remember a year without them.

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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            I think this is where I got last year's :


            Or someplace in Lititz