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Dec 2, 2011 06:06 AM

Where can we get GRILLED WHOLE FISH downtown?

Joso's is too far north.

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    1. Volos.

      Estiatorio VOLOS
      133 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2L3, CA

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      1. re: prima

        Is that the right Starfish in Vanier? A little far for lunch ;)

        Volos website looks really good and seems to have good reviews. Have you eaten there?

        1. re: chowinDownTO

          Starfish on Adelaide, one of the best seafood restaurants in TO. I've been to Starfish a number of times. If you search this site, you'll find plenty of positive reviews. ;-)

          Haven't eaten at Volos yet, but some friends who work in the restaurant business have found it to be good for upscale, solid and fairly traditional Greek food, with a neat, contemporary atmosphere. Even though they considered the food quality to be quite good, they found Volos to be quite expensive for what was being served.

          100 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA

          1. re: prima

            I will definitely have to check out Starfish and Volos. I feel kind of silly for not having heard of them. Have they been around for a long time?

            1. re: chowinDownTO

              Volos opened in the summer. It's the re-launch/re-brand/re-design of what had been Mediterra. Same chef, new menu, new interior design. http://www.torontolife.com/daily/dail...


              Starfish opened 10 years ago. ;-)

              1. re: prima

                Chiado was also offering grilled whole dorade aka orata aka tsipoura aka gilt-head sea bream this past Friday.

                407 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P1, CA

                864 College Street West, Toronto, ON M6H 1A3, CA

                1. re: prima

                  Yes they also had it as a special tonight.... based on how they cooked the rest of the fish tonight I would highly recommend giving them a shot.

      2. if you dont' care about ambience... you might want to try the grilled red snapper special at st.lawrence market (Busters seafood)

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        1. re: plug

          I had a grilled whole fish at Aria, by the ACC. When I ate at Vertical a while back there was whole grilled fish available.

        2. @ Prima: Yes! Starfish is great! Just had some really nice fish dishes there with fellow chowhounder skylineR33 a couple of weeks ago. However, DON'T THINK THEY DO GRILLED WHOLE FISH, only filets!!
          For whole ones, hands down Chiado! Fish of the day usually presented on a platter for the patrons to inspect. Love to have them simply grilled then drizzled with Olive Oil and lemon!

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            It is not downtown, and further north than Joso, but if price is a factor, try Piri Piri on Dupont just west of Lansdowne, $25each for dorade and one other fish plus sardines at $11 for 5 or 6.

            Hey, free parking too.

          2. BR and I went to Volos tonight. We were optimistic since the menu sounded really good but a little apprehensive since there wasn't much about it on Chowhound, and we saw mixed reviews elsewhere. We were, however, VERY happy with both the service and the meal.

            For starters, the place is decorated really nicely with a mix of traditional greek and contemporary design. The place was pretty packed with a mix of families, couples, and what looked like a company holiday party. Even though it was pretty crowded, the place is large enough and the tables spread out enough that it wasn't too loud or cramped. We were seated right next to the open kitchen, which, as a Chowhound, is always nice.

            They have an interesting wine list, with an ample number of Greek wines by the glass. We shared the octopus with smoky eggplant puree and the fried zucchini tower with tzatziki to start, had the whole pargo grilled fish (white snapper served with tasty grilled veg and potatoes) and exohico (phyllo pastry stuffed with braised lamb, spinach, and feta & kefalotyri cheeses) for mains, and finished with saffron ice cream (delicious!), coffee, and a cappuccino. Coffees were outstanding as well. All in all, no complaints on the food. Everything was very tasty, seasoned well without being over-salted, and in good portion sizes.

            Service was very pleasant and attentive. Water glasses were constantly refilled, waitress came back after bringing every course to make sure it was to our satisfaction, and was quite knowledgeable about the wine and the menu.

            Last, an additional benefit for those who don't eat pork - this is a 100% pork-free restaurant (says so on their menu). So for all those Jews out there who keep 'kosher' like me, and my fellow Muslim friends, this is the place for you! When I asked why they publicize it, the waitress explained that the menu wasn't going to have any pork on it anyways since pork is not very big in high-end greek restaurants, and since they have a large clientele who they know keep 'kosher', they figured it would make people feel more comfortable knowing that there is none being used in the kitchen. It certainly made me feel better as a ate my tasty octopus, and it will certainly go on the list the next time the folks are in town.

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            1. re: Mandy Lin

              I'm happy to hear you had a good meal and a nice experience, but you're not keeping "kosher" if you're eating tasty octopus at Volos. ;-). Most people I know who keep kosher don't want pork or non-fin seafood on the menus or in the kitchens of the restaurants they visit. Volos also serves other shellfish and rabbit, which are also treyf.