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Dec 2, 2011 05:11 AM

help me plan my tartine strategy

Will be in SF next week, and I really want to try the Tartine bread. Alas, the website indicates that it's available after 5, and my schedule won't allow me to be in the Mission at an appropriate time. Can anyone tell me if bread is available at any other time? My backup strategy is to go for lunch and have a won't be a loaf, but it's better than nothing. I've been baking it myself for months and months, and I'd love to try the real thing. Thx for any intel.

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  1. You can reserve a loaf for pickup at a later time.

    Tartine Bakery
    600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. re: intomeat

      Ditto that. A friend of mine that lives nearby picks it up for parties by calling ahead and letting them know the pickup time.

      1. re: billraymond

        Even if reserved in advance the bread is not available till 4 or 5pm, not workable for OP according to her post.

        1. re: alfairfax

          If she can't get there before they close (7 or 8 depending on the day) she could reserve a loaf to pick up the next morning.

    2. I was in a similar situation wanting to try both the bread and the croissants. Alas I was too late for croissants and too early for bread. So we ended up getting an order of toast. Since they obviously have bread for toast and sandwiches it would be nice if they would set some aside for those of us who come on a pilgrimage.

      We did find that the bread we bake at home from the Tartine book was as good or even better than the toast we had at the bakery.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          2pm was too late. I think you have to get there in the morning to get croissants.

          1. re: pairswellwithwine

            Ah, so I'll need to reserve some bread for pickup the next day and go early for a croissant: the best of both worlds! And if I hang around the neighborhood long enough, I might even squeeze in a sandwich for lunch...LOL.

            1. re: pairswellwithwine

              There were croissants at 5 pm on Tuesday night.

        2. Hey HC
          Welcome back to the Bay Area from a N.O. expat who has enjoyed your New Orleans posts over the years, and tore down some walls at Willie Mae's with you some years ago.

          Perhaps you could get them to hold a loaf from the previous day's bake. Although fresh out of the oven is the best, these loaves hold up well for days, unlike baguettes and New Orleans French bread. You would have to call a couple of days in advance, at least, and pay in advance, but if you can talk them into it, I think this would we the way to go. They do make the best loaf I've ever had, even in Paris!

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          1. re: gumbolox

            hi back at'cha gumbolox...I will try to call and reserve a loaf (or half-loaf) for pickup the next day. Guess I'll be getting crumbs all over my hotel room!

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              For next-day pickup, I suggest a whole loaf, as it goes stale much faster once it's cut.

              Bar Tartine used to serve Tartine bread, but they've been baking their own, so there's no guarantee.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Another silly question: do you think they'll slice it for me? I realize it's not the sort of loaf you'd ordinarily stick into an auto slicer, but I won't be packing my bread knife and would hate to rip into it, caveman style, with my teeth. (and if the real thing's crust is as substantial as my homemade version, i'd risk dislodging a crown)

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Getting it sliced seems unlikely, though they do make sandwiches, so maybe. Perhaps they'll slice of a slab or two so the rest can stay whole and fresh. No harm asking. I have had some success just tearing at it with my hands!

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    I regularly buy half loaves (2 varieties-1/2 each) They hold up pretty well and we always finish them even up to about a week later. I have had some success tearing off the edges of the half loaf. The walnut is particularly tasty.

                2. re: Hungry Celeste

                  No, I doubt they will slice it for you. One wouldn't want to do that to a Tartine loaf.

                  Also, nowadays they only accept 3 day advance reservations for bread.You can't call the same day or the day before.

              2. I have no trouble tearing into a whole loaf with my hands (& I have very weak hands) because I just can't resist. I never arrive home with an intact loaf... there's always an end missing!

                You want to make sure you get some really good butter to go with that...

                & while you're at Tartine you *must* have a slice of the lemon meringue cake!

                1. Following up: I made it to Tartine during lunch, had an excellent croque monsieur that allowed for a generous sampling of the bread. Was happy to discover that my home-baked version compared quite nicely with the "real" thing. Also managed to get a croissant and a chocolate hazelnut tart; the croissant was superb. It's a fantastic spot; it's nice to see a place live up to the hype. You Mission-dwellers are lucky people. Thx for the logistical help.