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Dec 2, 2011 04:00 AM

The Shard [London]

I was wondering if anyone knew which restaurants were going to be included in the shard.


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  1. At a guess I would say Giraffe, Carluccios , Nandos , Starbucks and any of the usual chains unfortunately. Hopefully it does not kill off the Bermondsey Street independents.

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      A look at the Shard's website shows a very upscale restaurant with beautiful views. Maybe something interesting will appear in that space. Then again, maybe that's wishful thinking on the part of the landlord.

    2. I read that Roka and Hakkasan might both be in there.

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        Thanks. I knew about Roka, Hakassan is new. It’s definitely a step up from Collichios and Pizza Express (which I’m guessing with have eateries in the ground floor or mall.

        The nearest equilivant I can think of is the times warner center in New York, however I also keep thinking of some of the sky scrapers in Tokyo, that have quite small operations at quite a high height. I guess the owners want established operators.
        Just for fun I took look at the 2/3 stars from square meal (note: not Michelin) and here’s who I think would be a good fit, given that criteria (ie its unlikely that they will rent out to the hog roast guys at the good food festival – though that would be very very cool). Note : these are not my favorite restaurants, just who I think could fir
        Wild Honey – would be great for more intimate dinners
        Ceccoinis – glamour in the sky
        Conran / D&D – skylon MK II
        The Ivy – or something similar
        Gary Rhodes – isnt it mandatory that he open up in every sky scraper?

        I think that the Shangri La have missed an opportunity to get a named chef in there. The likes of Daniel Boloud or Jean-George seem to prefer to operate in hotels outside their home country.

        If they were importing them in (I worked in New York for 5 years, so its kinda NYC heavy)
        Momofuku – a noodle bar is both special, and low key
        Thomas Keller – I’m not that keen on Bouchon, but Per Se Ldn or Ad Hoc Ldn would be nice
        April Bloomfield
        The Dutch – Ldn. Seriously. Possibly the best restaurant in New York at the moment.

      2. Just a quick request that this thread not go down the path of speculating on what might fit a space. If you've got reliable information about what restaurants are actually going into the space, please share it, but speculating or wish-listing is really off-topic for our site. Thanks.