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Dec 2, 2011 03:21 AM

Enotoca Ascari

The sister restaurant of Table 17 is now open. I can't find a menu online and was just wondering if any of my peeps have been to check it out?

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  1. I wonder if it'll live up to the Enoteca label.

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    1. re: Googs

      as a wine bar? it usually isn't that difficult...or as enoteca sociale?

      1. re: ingloriouseater

        I take the enoteca designation very seriously. It's far more than just your average wine bar.

        1. re: Googs

          how so? give me more than 10 glasses of wine of reasonable quality that is all on consignment and i'm usually pretty good...a list of by the glass and by the bottle that looks like they didn't shop at the under $15 aisle at the lcbo and i think that we are in business...

          1. re: ingloriouseater

            You just described a wine bar. Enoteca's are supposed to create a better understanding of the wine you're experiencing. Not just sell wine.

            1. re: Googs

              but really an enoteca is really just a tasting and selling room much like at the niagara wineries...

              1. re: ingloriouseater

                That's definitely closer to the experience. If you walk away with a greater appreciation of the wine in a place and time, you've had it. I'm a bit of a wine nerd. Don't mind me.

                1. re: Googs

                  i don't mind anyone who enjoys the grape! everyone needs to crawl before they learn to run. as much as i don't enjoy the fuzion's out there, i know they are a necessary evil to get people exposed to wine and that it is a gateway drug to the whole world of great wines out there.

                  when i go to the lcbo or vintages (unless i am buying for a gift or dinner party) i buy wines i have never experienced or heard of before-just to check them out-usually 2 bottles of the same region or varietal so that i can compare and contrast them.

                  1. re: ingloriouseater

                    My generation had Baby Duck so I really can't throw any stones over (ick) Fuzion. Then again, I've never met a malbec I liked.

                    1. re: Googs

                      baby duck, black tower and blue nun....i remember...

                      as for malbec i've had a couple and i've decided to go the old world cahors route and see what that brings to the table.

    2. we dropped by Saturday night at 10 PM just to check out the space. its pretty.
      menu looked pretty good, but i mean, that doesn't tell you much about the food.

      1. Went in last night. I found the decor a little blah, just grey everywhere. Could use a few pictures on the walls. But good ambience nonetheless, it was packed late on a Sunday night. Quite a small room, all the tables are very close to each other, so if squeezing into your seat and being very close to your neighbours isn't your thing, there are only a few tables not like this. The wine list was very nice and the staff knowledgeable. Tried a couple reds by the glass and enjoyed them both (first 2 on the menu). The bread and olive oil served are delicious. I think the appetizer list needs some work, found them a little odd. My husband ordered the eggplant caponata, which was served in a generous portion in a bowl and was fine, pretty similar to a ratatouille. I had a simple arugula salad which was fine. Would like to see perhaps calamari or other fish/seafood based appetizers given the meal starts with bread and main courses are only pasta. One of the tables next to us had a big bowl of beans as his appetizer?! FOr the mains my husband had the sausage pasta and I had the braised lamb pappardelle. The sausage was deliciously sweet and there were some great roasted yellow & orange peppers in the dish as well. Obviously the pasta noodles are all made from scratch on-site, no dry pasta here, so the noodles are definitely the stars. No need to smother the dish in parmesan. We slightly preferred my dish; nice tender meat, no fatty chunks floating around, could have used a little more of the other ingredients (chard, pine nuts & dried currants), but overall good and perfect portion size. The pine nuts and dried currants went very nicely with the lamb, only wish there were enough of them to have them in each bite! For dessert we shared a chamomile, maple and... (can't remember 3rd flavour) semifrio with nougat crumbled on top. The texture was perfect; the only flavour I was able to detect was the chamomile, my husband claims to have tasted the maple, and obviously I can't remember the 3rd flavour so it was not detectable at all! But we still really enjoyed it. Some other tables orderd their popular banana fritters with caramel dipping sauce, they look like perfect little timbits, but of course from the comments we were overhearing, scrumptious! At the end of the night our bill was just under $100; a little pricey for a pasta dinner, but would still recommend trying it out if you're in the hood. We had planned to try Goods & Provisions but they're closed Sunday nights. No regrets over the back-up restaurant! Also want to point out that I found the service very smooth considering they just opened a week ago, would never know it

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          Olive oil was great. I had the pasta with the cream, hazlenuts and Gorgonzola. The noodles were superb but overall the dish wasn't something I'd order again. Great service. Didn't have any wine. Thursday night, place was full. If you're hoping for a quiet romantic evening, or just a civilized conversation with a friend, beware, the sound system is set high, and you may also hate the music, and the hard surfaces amplify the sounds of people shouting at each other to be heard over the sound system. Loved the fresh pasta and the olive oil, but going deaf is not for me....

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. It took us 2 years to finally try this place, and now we can't get enough. Been there 3 times in less than a month.
            It's become our fav spot in the 'hood.

            The pastas are wonderful. Esp. the specials. Last night was a hand cut spaghetti with corn, mushrooms and tarragon in a light white sauce. Deelish.

            If you go, they have a rose by the glass, from Lebannon - very tasty!!

            If you go you must try the rose from Lebannon. Fantastic!!!

            Great wine list, fantastic service and love the vibe. Maybe a tad loud but it doesn't bother our crowd.

            Oh and the appetizers are all hits. Chicken liver crostini - Charles worth a trip for that alone. The other night they did one of my favourites - zuchinni flowers. Very special.

            Deserts are limited but hit the spot - apple fritters and a lovely light and airy lemon budino.

            One of my top 3 in Leslieville.