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Dec 1, 2011 11:09 PM

Snows clam chowder tragedy

I've seen some other postings regarding Snows clam chowder and just wanted to add my two cents.I too have been using this product for at least forty years.My father would make it on those especially cold San Francisco nights.It was just the right taste and consistency of a great chowder.Not soup,CHOWDER.Well Snows,or more recently Bumble Bee has changed the recipe so much that only the label seems similar.The original recipe had a color more similar to creamy tan color with a slight yellowish tint.When it finally plopped into the can it held it's form for the most part.The potatoes were bitesized and you could actually make out the clam forms.The flavor was that of a true seafood dish.I would doctor it up with some sage,fresh garlic,and some chopped shrimp.A bit of fresh ground pepper and you would be set for the evening.

Well the new crappola that is on the shelfs now is just plain awful.I can remember the first day i first opened the new "stuff".I remarked to my wife that we must have accidently boght the ready to serve by mistake.But after checking the can,we saw we had the correct product.It was just not the same.It is pasty white with no noticible outline of what we call food.Even after i doctored it up,it was still just awful.Most foods that are marginal can be made to be at least palatable.But not this slop.It's really a shame.Something that has been around for that long is a proven winner.They took a winner and made it a loser.How did they think thay could fool us.After forty years,we wouldn't notice a change?How stupid can you be?Since Bumble Bee bought the brand I bet they are trying to get more profit by making it more cheaply to pay for the aquisition costs.I will not purchase this product again.That really dissapointed our extended family.They always requested it for the holidays.

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  1. Yes, I bought a can last month and was quite appalled by the changes. Used to be a staple item in the pantry for lazy days. No longer.

    I hope you'll forward your complaint to the company as well.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Yes,I did complain.Thier website says they answer all inquiries,but another Chowhounder said they simply mailed him four one-can certificates! If they do that,I wil send them back.I'll post thier response.Take care.

    2. Almost all of these canned 'Clam Chowders' are really just potato chowders with clam seasoning. And this unfortunate trend is spreading to restaurants too in our age of cost-cutting frenzy.

      1. Unfortunately, I'm finding this is happening to a lot of products that were originally really good; i.e., I bought a box of Nabisco graham crackers this week which tasted like dust, not the product I remember from years ago. I won't be buying any Snow's clam chowder any time soon. Thanks for the tip.

        1. that is so sad to hear. Snow's condensed clam chowder is the base I use for the best seafood chowder ever! I have a few cans in my cabinet (of the old stuff I guess), I hope it isn't horrible when I have to buy new ones!!!!!

          :( Sad Sad Sad

          1. Oh...I don't know...I used to really love Snow's Clam Chowder too, but to me it seems that it started to decline in quality at least 20 years ago.

            It morphed somewhere along the line into a too thick, starchy, gloppy mess. I haven't bought Snow's in a good while, but it sure sounds like it's even worse now that Bumble Bee (makers of the worst canned tuna in the universe) got a hold of it.

            Fortunately, making decent chowder from scratch takes very little effort.

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            1. re: The Professor

              I agree, it has been a long decline. And clam chowder is so easy.
              unfortunate, but surely not a tragedy.

              1. re: The Professor

                Ms. OC agrees with you Professor, that Bumble Bee sells the worst tuna fish in the universe.

                1. re: The Professor

                  I'll agree with the Bumble Bee part. I couldn't believe it when I opened a can, (after a household member bought it by mistake). It was like paste. The flavor was like eating old, old fish. I haven't bought it in years. As for the Snow's Chowder, my Mother used it for a base for her fish chowder, especially during lent. It was the best. I'm glad I learned how to make a good seafood stock.