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Dec 1, 2011 09:43 PM

Coffee Guilt

I've been a budget coffee snob for quite awhile. I've tried nearly everything coffee related that's not $300+. For the last few years I've been using the hot water spigot of my water cooler and a french press or pour over. When I use a coffee pot, it's a vintage Krups Moka Brew. I have been a snob, and have felt disdain for those who use drip coffee makers.

Now, I bought one and it makes damn good coffee. I found a 12 cup Bunn O Matic VPR (or something similar) at a thrift shop for $30, and I'm not sure if it makes amazing coffee. . . or whether I'm enamored with the institutional-ness of it.

I feel kinda bad, like I'll be thinking Keurig is cool now or something. It is nice to have when I've got a lot of people around, but I'm wondering if I'm fooling myself and the novelty will wear off.

Anyhow, a general apology to the world of drip coffee makers, and curious as to whether anyone else uses something like this at home. . . and if it's worth trying to 'tune' the temperature and whatnot. . .or just to leave it like it is?

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    1. re: mateo21

      No kidding....

      OP, what grinder you using? :-)

      1. re: unagi1

        Hah. It's a Baratza Maestro something or other. I guess I loose all my Coffee Geek points now. :)

        1. re: Ninevah

          Lol, not really...I've got the Virtuoso preciso. Conical burrs for under $300, I'm sold. Thank gawd I'm not doing espresso (yet).

      2. I'm a part-time semi snob with a limited budget and a penchant for Indonesian coffees and relatively dark roasts. My life involves getting up and out of the house fast and very early and so I've long been resigned to electric drip or, between pots, single cup pour over. The current pot is a Melitta purchased through Amazon and I'm happier with this than with the previous Cuisinart pot or the one before it. It has a brew selector and the 'robust' seems pretty good to me. Since I love it really hot (especially for the road) I do sometimes nuke it for 10-15 seconds in a mug upon completion.

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        1. re: debbypo

          Nooooo (horrified expression).....use a SS mug and pour boiling water into it first to heat it up!

        2. Hi Ninevah. Welcome to the group. We applaude your courage.

          Hi debbypo. Welcome to the group. We applaude your courage.