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Dec 1, 2011 09:16 PM

Honeydew Gazpacho v. Honeydew Gazpacho, which way?

Trying to choose between recipes. Which catches your eye?

Honeydew Gazpacho

Version One:
Blend honeydew, cucumber, fennel, celery and jalapenos. Strain through sieve. Stir in fresh lime juice, salt, optional minced Thai chili, optional sugar. Refrigerate overnight.

Version Two:
Marinate honeydew, cucumber, shallot, day-old bread, champagne vinegar, fresh lime juice, salt, cracked black pepper, fresh mint, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil. Refrigerate overnight. Discard mint and basil. Blend mixture. Strain through sieve.

Or a combination of each? (Plating with herb-grilled or poached shrimp, pea tendrils, fennel fronds, sage blossoms, drizzle extra virgin olive oil.)

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  1. Easy - Version One is a Honeydew soup/drink, Version Two can be called a gazpacho.

    A true gazpacho is based on bread, vinegar and oil. Since Version Two includes these ingredients and since the term 'gazpacho' appeals to you I would suggest you go for that option. The first version you could perhaps pour into a cocktail shaker, add some alchohol and ice and serve alongside the second version as it is more like a cocktail than a gazpacho.