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Dec 1, 2011 08:41 PM

North Jersey Kosher Caterer needed

I'm looking for a caterer for a Saturday night Bar Mitzvah melaveh malkah for my son, to do a dairy buffet in a reasonable price range. There will be more adults than kids, Has anyone tasted Petak's or Eighth Day Caterer's food? Do they do a nice job? Any other suggestions?

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  1. I have tasted Petak's food. They do a nice job-delicous food,nice presentation.We may speak to them for our son's milchig Bar Mitzvah brunch. Friends of ours are using them for their son's Bar Mitzvah. Petak's did a beautiful job for their daughter's simcha.

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      I have used Reuben's Glatt Spot as well as Herb 'N Spice Catering, both out of West Orange and was very happy with both of them, and have attended multiple of their catering events. Both very good and able to do dairy or meat.

      I have not used Gemstone Catering, but have tasted his food and it's great.

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        Have you ever used Shimon Nissel out of West Orange? Do you know anything about him?

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          He did a beautiful job for my son's bar mitzvah. Dairy buffet Saturday night. The presentation was really well-done but I can't comment so much on the food because I didn't eat a thing the whole night. People liked it.

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        They do a very nice job,but aren't they at a higher price point?

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          Yes. I need a lower price point. Any other suggestions?

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          1. Bumping this thread up, as a friend asked for ideas for his daughter's Bat Mitzvah brunch, which will be held at the shul. They're going fairly low-key and have been given this list from the shul...I'd love any feedback you can offer!
            -Petak's (Fair Lawn)
            -The Main Ingredient (Passaic)
            -Pomp (Morristwon)
            -Ma'adan (Teaneck)

            These will likely be deliveries of platters and some hot foods. Thanks in advance for the help!

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              Petak's has always done a nice job , but is not cheap. Maadan's food is fine. I have not tasted the other's food.