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Dec 1, 2011 08:38 PM

Looking for a great raw milk cheddar

Calling all the cheese experts: I'm looking for a cheese that's similar to Keen's Farmhouse Cheddar (for a a potluck wine-and-cheese tasting, to pair with a Noval Black ruby port). Neal's Yard in London has it, but it's a little out of my way. Is there any chance of finding this specific cheese in town? Otherwise, can anyone recommend a good, classic, English raw-milk cheddar - along with tips on where to find it?


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  1. Have you called Surdyk's or the St. Paul Cheese Shop?

    1. I would try the Jasper Hill Cheddar by Cabot Creamery, or other Cabot that would be labeled raw milk(cloth bound may be the only one, iirc) otherwise, pastureland dairy, who is not making cheese anymore, made a great raw cheddar, so some cheese counters may still have some. FWIW I would go with the Prairie Breeze by Milton Creamery in Iowa. Not 100% sure its raw, but its a mennonite farm so pretty traditional as far as handling goes. It would be awesome with port. I would say most of these are available at the usual co-op counters, or surdyk's, st. paul cheese or france 44.

      1. I swear by the 7-year cheddar from the Eau Galle Cheese Factory.

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          I've never heard of Eau Galle - is it available in Mpls/St. Paul?

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            Wow, you just brought back a fond memory. In 1997, I marked the end of six-months of commuting to the Twin Cities by spending a long weekend in Lake Pepin. The 7-year old Eau Galle cheddar was one souvenir I brought back to San Francisco. But it is quite different from Keen's.

            Apparently Surdyks stocks Neals Yard cheeses, including Keens cheddar. I'm also quite fond of Montgomery cheddar.