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Dec 1, 2011 08:14 PM

downtown des moines

Hi, I'm going to be traveling to des moines for a conference and staying at the marriott downtown. Are there any good vietnamese or indian restaurants nearby? Or anywhere else you would recommend for some non-hamburger type food.


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  1. The best Vietnamese places are just outside downtown, and the best Indian places are in the Suburbs.

    1. Try this
      From the Marriott

      1. Head west on Grand Ave toward 8th St
      0.6 mi
      2. Turn right onto 15th St
      0.1 mi
      3. Turn left onto High St
      Destination will be on the right
      89 ft

      1511 High St
      Des Moines, IA 50309

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        Great, thank you very much. Is there anything in particular you would recommend at A-Dong?

      2. Lucky Dragon on 2nd St. just north of University is superb with great Pho.

        1. thanks all for your suggestions. We ate very well while in Des Moines. We drank lots of beer and had some wings one night at el Baite Shop which was fantastic as we can't get a selection like that out in Kansas where we live. For lunches we stopped at Proof one day and A Dong the next. The food at proof was delicious. It was really nice to have some good seafood (i'm originally from the east coast) and fresh ingredients. A Dong was pretty good. Certainly not the best pho I have ever had, but was easy to walk to and warm during the cold day. Another night we ate at the Raccoon Brewery which was good. We split a mediterranean pizza which was delicious and a bit different crust than I expected which was nice as I'm pretty particular about a traditional crust. We also ate across the hotel at Mr. Filet Steakhouse. Great basic breakfasts and the owner was super friendly and nice. A great way to start the day.