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Dec 1, 2011 06:04 PM

December 2011 Winter Markets, CSAs, Farm Stands & Other Fresh, Local Sources

So where are you getting your fresh & local now that that summer markets (except Dewey Square) are gone.

Prudential has moved inside the Shops at the Pru.

SOWA farmers have food vendors are ar 485 Harrison each Sunday.

Somerville Winter Market is on Saturday Mornings.

CSA are going on and meat meets from Stillmans should start up soon.

Marshall's Fenway Farm Stand has both their own farm goods and support for other local vendors.

Boston Organics has the dogma box for those who want their organic goods as local as possible.

Where are you shopping? What shares are your choices? Are you doing a fish share?


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  1. Doing the Arlington winter CSA for the first time - splitting it with a neighbor. First pick-up was Nov 19 - root veggies (turnip, beets, parsnips), garlic + onions, apples, salad greens, Brussels sprouts (mine had gone bad - the other stalk was fine), collard greens. Pretty good quality and I love the idea of CSAs, but I wish there was a tad bit more variety. I considered a fish share, but we are trying to patronize Fresh Pond Fish Market as much as possible (right off the bike path on our way home).

    I haven't checked out the Somerville winter farmers' market yet but that's my next stop this Sat.

    A little off-topic - the Providence winter market is GREAT! The variety of produce and non-produce is astounding to me. I stop by every time I'm in Lil' Rhody.

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      HIt the Somerville Winter market this past Saturday. Great haul! Beautiful braising greens that we are eating raw as salad (topped with a zesty vinaigrette of Silverbrook Farm's rustic mustard, sherry vinegar, good olive oil, shallots, healthy amount of salt and pepper), not-too-sweet pumpkin bread from Great Cape bakery, nicola potatoes, parsnips, baby bok choy, fromage blanc from Foxboro Cheese Co., sampled some gorgeous chocolates from EH Chocolatier. The most unique thing and tasty items we had, though, were the coconut jelly and rice cake-like cakes from the Singaporean stand that was situated in the back corner on the main floor. We got several of the multi-colored cakes and the rice/green ones. We just had some now. We'd been storing them in the fridge and nuked them as gently as we could - yum. The texture became like the Korean rice cakes I grew up eating - gummy and soft (in a good way) but these benefitted from the subtle coconut/tapioca not-too-sweet note that is absent from Korean desserts. We also bought some curry pies, veggie and chicken, that we froze and we'll have soon. Check these folks out! They are the cutest, most giggly people ever!

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        After the market (I'm going back for the Brussels sprouts on the stalk,) try the Cafe at the Armory for baked goods, tasty sandwiches, and a nice assortment of craft beers.

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          Oooo thanks for the heads up about the rice-cake-like thingys. We had some very fancy ones in Seoul and I haven't found anything quite like them here, yet.

      2. We're enjoying Cape Ann Fresh Catch (though we only do the every-other-week delivery). Our pickup is in Bolton.

        This is our third or fourth season with them, highly recommended.