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Dec 1, 2011 05:08 PM

Live Dungeness Crab at Moss Landing [2011 season]

Yesterday Mom and I took at drive over to Moss Landing in search of crabs. Pulled up to the A Dock where Beticia, the boat we've patronized in the past, is berthed. No crabs. I checked with the harbor master and he suggested coming back on friday.

So we headed over the bridge to Phil's and found live crab there. $6.99 for live or cooked crabs. I bought just one lively one who weighed in at 2.1 pounds and steamed it for lunch. Fairly sweet and very fat, loved the crab butter! The shells were still a little soft on the smaller legs.

More about Beticia

How to steam a Dungeness crab

Phil's Fish Market & Eatery
7600 Sandholdt Rd, Moss Landing, CA 95039

A Dock, Moss Landing, CA

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  1. I'm still checking Santa Cruz harbor daily. The Sea Breeze was gone today, and all the traps are gone. So maybe tomorrow I hope.

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    1. re: emglow101

      Any updates on crab available in Santa Cruz emglow?

      1. re: vday

        I heard the Sea Breeze was selling again. I was there on Monday, and no crab available. They were unloading only to wholesale at the start of the season. Still waiting for it to happen.

        1. re: vday

          I purchased four nice live crab this morning. You find them behind Johnnys Harborside. There is a large tank holding the crab. Go in the mornings and you should have a good chance to purchase them. Paid $ 45.00 for some fat crabs.

          1. re: emglow101

            I visited the same crab tanks behind Johnny's at the SC Yacht Harbor and bought 3 excellent, large crabs the other day for $4.50/lb. They were wonderful. Just this past Saturday friends and I were craving fresh crab but couldn't find any at Moss Landing or the Yacht Harbor. An old-timer at the Yacht Harbor said everybody was watching the football game instead of crabbing!! Anyway my friends went to the Abalone Farm in Davenport and bought three crabs for $10.00 each. They, too, were excellent.