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Cupola (San Francisco)

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Just had dinner at Cupola in the Westfield Center on Market St. We originally had reservations at a different restaurant in the area but, based on Michael Bauer's review last Sunday, we canceled and switched to Cupola. We were fortunate to have a table directly in front of the open kitchen, which allowed us to talk to the chef. He was very friendly and happy to provide recommendations. As Michael Bauer said, the Festa dinner is an amazing bargain. For $30/person (there were 3 of us), we had an assortment of delicious appetizers, a huge "dome" salad, a pumpkin parmesan terrine, pulled mozarella, three pastas, two pizzas and two desserts. At other restaurants, this might be called the Chef's tasting menu and be a lot more money. But it wasn't just the quantity and variety--everything was excellent. We ordered one of the cheapest wines on the list (Hahn GSM for $28), based on Bauer's comments about the list being overpriced. While this wine is $12 at the winery, it was very nice and we didn't mind the $16 premium. Cupola is kind of off the beaten track, being on the fourth floor of a shopping center. It was quite busy when we arrived and I hope they succeed and retain the Festa menu.

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  1. Ate there today and found the pizza authentic, very good but not stellar. Carne pizza was best, followed by Margherita, then the Mushroom.

    I'd have to rank Una Pizza Napoletana on top of this version.

    Osteria Coppa in San Mateo has been cranking out some darn good pizzas of late.