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Dec 1, 2011 03:49 PM

ISO plum jam; also, apricot jam prefs?

I'd like to find some plum jam or preserves to make a tart. I took a look around the usual grocery stores today, and while I did find one brand at Whole Foods, I'd prefer to spend less that the $8/lb that it cost. I saw none at Market Basket, Shaw's, or Trader Joe's. Do I need to head to Watertown? I'd be open to suggestions about subbing something like canned or frozen plums, but I didn't see any of those either.

While we're on the subject, are there any distinct preferences among the various apricot jams/preserves available? I usually wind up buying one of the Middle Eastern or Central European brands I find at MB (like the Marco Polo brand apricot preserves they had today, $2/13oz).

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  1. I bought Stonewall Kitchen's Sugar Plum jam a couple of weeks ago at Russo's. Festive-tasting, but maybe you need something plainer to bake with.

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      go to Bazaar and check out the eastern/central european brands. i like penguin for "ordinary" and the greek ones for unusually good, but the range is great. also, i believe Artax carries a good and affordable homemade apricot but i don't recall a plum.

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        I had some unusually good cherry jam from Penguin and super inexpensive as well. Totally agree that Russian markets are the place to go, Bazaar, Baza, Berezka, etc.

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          was at bazaar today - 4 plus pounds of penguin apricot for 14.99 if you're doing a lot of baking!

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            Just to clarify further. I got that same huge jar, but of sour cherry jam, at Baza in Newton. It was the best Cherry Jam I have ever eaten.

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            I would add the Polish Markets (Euromart and DJ's ) also for good inexpensive Jams from Eastern Europe.

      2. i'm guessing from the price you quoted that the one you found at WF was Harvest Song. it's actually quite good, though a tiny bit sweet for me. and their apricot is pretty terrific.

        1. If you're near a Christmas Tree Shop they often have a good selection of Trappist jams. You can never count on finding just what you want, but can find some good surprises there.

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            Trappist, which is also found in most supermarkets, does make Damson Plum Jam. For my money, the best apricot is Simon Fischer Apricot Butter, which I have not seen in this area but it might be available online. It is made from dried apricots. Of course you could make both plum and apricot by simmering prunes or dried apricots in water or juice or wine until jammy.

          2. Wilson Farms has a big selection of their own brand of jams, but the plum is more jelly-like than preserve-like in consistency.

            1. I use Trader Joe's apricot preserves for baking. I give them a whir in the Cuisinart to get them to the right consistency and they're good to go. Nice and tart.

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                Absolutely brilliant preserves/jams/jellies from NH --including Damson:


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                  $7 for 8 ounces however is way pricey.

                  I you go internet I am a longstanding fan of McCutcheon's at $5 or so for 19 ounces, it is about 1/4 the price.