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May 18, 2006 06:13 PM

very good & cheap dumplings in K-town

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Just tried a relatively new place in Koreatown that has great dumplings. They have kim chi and chop chae mandoo and you get 6 big dumplings for $3.99. I thought the kim chi mandoo was superior.

You can also get them frozen and/or uncooked - I think it was 15 for $10.

A friend said their chachiang mein was better than Mandarin House - I'll try that next time.

the location is:

Authentic Korean Dumplings
698 S Irolo St #111, at 7th
Los Angeles 90006

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  1. Thank you for this info! I have been on a CHACHIANG MEIN QUEST lately!!

    Besides, Authentic Korean Dumplings, is there any other place worth seeking out. I'd love to try the Korean or Chinese (Shanghainese) versions.

    I live downtown, so nearby is preferred over SGC, etc.

    1. Shanghainese dumplings: Jin Jiang restaurant and Valley near New Ave has the best Xiao Long Bao.

      1. Thanks, haochi! Does Jin Jiang or Valley vave great tsa-chiang mein, too?

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          Not sure about the noodles, never tried them there. Sorry.

        2. I forgot the name but there's a great iconic Korean style Chinese restaurant in Koreatown (mandatory valet parking). Their blackbean sauce hand cut noodles (chajaing mein) are super and ofcourse the kimchee and Korean style (white sauce) sweet and sour pork (and beef) are awesome with (bright red) kimchee and ice cold Heineken. And don't forget about the shredded pork and seafood entrees.

          You'll know you're in the right place if your waiter is Chinese and speaks fluent Korean...

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          1. re: gabehoya

            Whoops! Sorry... double-posted accidentally...

          2. Great news! This place is on the same block as my office. Thanks for the review.