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Dec 1, 2011 02:51 PM

December 2011 Openings and Closings

Here we go again!

Looks like Burton's opens in Burlington this month, as well as Fuji in Kendall Square. As far as closings, I'm still not sure about Garden of Eat-In in Cambridge. Anyone been there lately? Any others opening or closing?

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  1. I'm not sure about Garden of Eat In either. I never see them open, but they seem to still have food inside. For now I'm assuming they're doing the same thing Good Food Cafe did -- open from time to time while doing catering business. I wasn't too impressed by the food I had there, honestly.

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    1. re: Boston_Otter

      I walked by maybe a week ago. There was a guy at the counter, holding his head in his hands. Nobody was eating in.

      1. re: Fly

        I've heard that they may be under new management and that the new owners are keeping the current menu while deciding whether to try a different sort of cuisine entirely.

        I went there once and had a slice of pepperoni and an Italian sub. The pizza was very mediocre and the sub wasn't much better.

    2. The Harvard Crimson reports that a branch of Orinoco will open in the old Small Plates space, a rumor I had heard occasionally during the last few months. It looks like construction is already underway, and they are hoping for an opening early next year. That's a great addition, at a great price point. Maybe the wait won't be quite as long as the South End location.

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        That's great news - should do really well there.

        Quick Orinoco Brookline story - stopped in there a few months back - we were waiting a really long time to get menus, place our order, table next to us sits down 15 minutes after us, we place our order, still waiting...then the new table orders and get their apps and we're still sitting with just drinks - clearly something got loused up so we just decided to pull up stakes and head over to Pomodoro next door - no hard feelings, stuff happens - but man oh man did they ever fight me on paying for my drinks. My logic was that I drank the booze, I'm gonna pay for it, or leave money on the bar. I appreciated the sentiment of comping the drinks, but I understood that I was being a little impetuous about leaving, so wanted to pay. I eventually won. But kudos to them for being so apologetic and trying really hard to let me walk out with all my money. As I said, we'll be back - no hard feelings. Stuff happens...

        Pomodoro was great as usual...

      2. Toiyou, Shabu & Sushi on Quincy Av., Quincy, looks like it's opened.

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        1. re: CocoDan

          Thanks CocoDan, that was the name that eluded me when I was posting on the Quincy top restaurant thread

          1. re: Chocomom

            Please report back if you go. Haven't tried it yet.

        2. According to the Herald, Bourbon Coffee is slated to open this month (finally.) Sounds like a place worth checking out:

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          1. re: Stride

            I've been told that Bourbon finally opened today, this time for sure. Looking forward to checking them out tomorrow.

            1. re: T.B.

              Yes, it was definitely open last night.

          2. Maggio's Revere - closing end of the month.

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              wow they were around for a very long time iir