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Dec 1, 2011 02:37 PM

"Nice" dinner in central London w/3-year old?

We're splurging on a Zone 1 "staycation" this weekend and trying to come up with a place to have as nice a dinner as possible at 5:30 with a fairly well-behaved (but picky) three-year old. Somewhere near either Hyde Park or Oxford Circus would be ideal. If toddler-logistics were not an issue, I'd pick Sedap or Dong San, and my husband would pick Wild Honey. (The toddler would pick either plain grilled chicken or a cheese sandwich from anywhere, so we aren't going to plan the meal around her palate and will just bring something for her if necessary). Any suggestions?

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  1. Hawksmoor, covent garden. Great simple food. Good for kids. 5.30pm is a good time before it gets busy.

    1. Also had a really nice (early) dinner at Bocca di Lupo with our then-2-year-old in April. Staff couldn't have been friendlier, and I'm a huge fan of their Italian small plates.

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        Thanks very much for the suggestions! We ended up going with Patterson's, which our hotel suggested, largely because it opens early was only about a block away, and were very pleasantly surprised. It was a "nice" atmosphere but they were terrific with our daughter -- high chair, customized dinner (simple chicken with plain pasta, plus a small cup of the asparagus soup amuse-bouche, which she very much enjoyed) -- and our food was lovely. Plus they were running a 40% offer, which sweetened the deal even further. I hadn't heard of the restaurant but think it's worth a look in.

        Hope to try the other suggestions at some point, too!