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Dec 1, 2011 01:58 PM

A quality Goose

We have recently moved to Canada from Europe where for years we have had a beautiful tender goose for our Christmas dinner. Last year our local butcher in Ontario produced us a scrawny, tasteless fowl that did no justice to our festivities at all. So we have decided to put our trust in the more foodie Quebec and see if Montreal can source us a goose worthy of the name. Please help - this is Canada after all and Canada and Goose does have a certain ring to it!! Thanks.

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  1. Truth? Asking your local butcher. We roasted a lovely goose last year for Christmas because we asked our butcher if he would order us one from a regional farm. Good luck!

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      Concur. The last time I roasted a goose, I ordered one through Claude & Henri at Atwater. About $80 for the beast, but certainly good quality and definitely not scrawny. I'd do it again, but porchetta's on the to-do for this year.

      1. re: wattacetti

        Yeah, we paid about the same for our goose. But oh, using that leftover fat for potatoes to go alongside! Mmmmm.

    2. I suggest you contact Les élevages Carfio in Mercier and see if you can reserve a goose for Christmas. I've never bought goose from them I've tasted their other products and the quality is very good. They also happen to be very nice people.

      1. Tonyjohnson54, I came here to ask this exact question. And you already had. Thank you. I've been watching too much UK-based food programming lately and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has convinced me that I need a goose for Xmas. Why not?

        1. St Vincent farms (MJT or Atwater) has geese.

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            Thanks Hala. Will call them and ask if I need to preorder/reserve.

          2. I second Claude & Henri at Atwater. I called them two days in advance to reserve a goose and got a great bird. At $18 per kilo, the goose was about $70.