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Dec 1, 2011 01:22 PM

Ham - Harrington's, HoneyBaked, Burger's Smokehouse or something else?

Calling all ham lovers. I am lucky this year! I get to host Christmas dinner! I haven't done it in about 10 years (I usually just host a special breakfast). And because I host Thanksgiving for everyone, my sister-in-law usually hosts Christmas dinner. But she can't this year because she is moving.

But I love cooking so I am honored to be making Christmas dinner. For the main protein, the consensus of the group is they want ham. I would prefer prime rib roast, but nope we have to stick with tradition (So I make prime rib for New Year's). My sister-in-law, who does not like to cook, usually gets a supermarket spiral ham which she heats and uses a prepackaged glaze and serves with Heinz gravy.

I generally find this ham dry and would like to kick things up a notch. However, I was warned big time to keep things traditional. So no country hams, no loins of pork, no fresh hams and such. I have a wonderful plum glaze recipe for the ham, plus I will make a homemade raisin sauce on the side. (I'm also making a pan of lasagna and a small pot roast to round out the main course).

So I was scouring around the web for hams because my local supermarket doesn't offer much selection. I found three "spiral" hams that people seem to love - Harrington's in Vermont, Burger's Smokehouse, and HoneyBaked.

So what do you like and what would recommend for my group? Thanks!

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  1. I just had a Harrington's ham steak and it was very good indeed. I love the Berkshire ham from these folks but they don't have a spiral-sliced one.
    Nueske's is utterly reliable. If you order from them, get yourself some bacon and corned beef hash as well!

    1. I would always go with a Harrington ham. One of my very favorites to be honest.

      1. I'm lucky because I usually get to do prime rib for Christmas. Ham is an Easter treat in my family. Like you, I've always wanted to do a country ham, but my family is just as set in their preferences as mine. I usually order a Honey Baked for pickup because there's a store just minutes from me. I've gotten it with and without the glaze added on. It fries up very nicely as hamsteaks to bot. It's never dry and everybody loves it. However, I wouldn't be surprised if there were better to be had. I just haven't searched further because of the deliciousness and convenience. Ain't nothing like ham for the holidays!

        1. I ended up ordering a Nueske's Old Fashioned Bone In Ham (Half). Not spiral sliced, we'll do it ourselves. My guests shouldn't care about that. Nueske's has a good special running right now, when you order by phone, if you ask for a special code, you can get a free pound of bacon. I'll let you know how it goes after Christmas. Thanks everyone for your help!

          1. I've only had Honeybaked probably because of it's availability in So Cal. We've never been disappointed for 15+ years.