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Dec 1, 2011 12:24 PM

Calcutta Grill in Newcastle

Had a dinner there on a recent Saturday night and came away shocked. Had lunch there several times before with generally satisfactory results. But the dinner was something else. We had a remarkably inept and obviously untrained waiter who brought the appetizers and main courses at the same time. When told that this timing wasn't good and that the entrees needed to be removed, he replied "I can take them away but they'll just sit under a heat lamp and dry out". And they did.There were many other difficulties too, despite a nearly empty restaurant. A later chat with the manager showed why: her attitude was worse than the waiter's, as difficult as that was. Further reflection by the very dining-wise group I dined with confirmed a unanimous opinion: the most atrociously bad service we ever had at a restaurant. It's still hard for me to believe. Diners beware!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Calcutta Grill doesn't market itself as a golf course resto. Even if they did, the fact they stay open for dinner service implies they can provide the service abd food quality their diners expect and prices demand.. I'm with Gob on this one!

    2. I've only had brunch there, and they seemed OK. Although that was several years ago.

      When we had our wedding there (also several years ago), the food and the review got quite a lot of praise from our guests. They seemed to be a pretty well-oiled machine back then.

      Shortly after our wedding, we googled the event coordinator / sales manager there and found this gem:

      With this sort of "situational ethics" going on in their ranks, maybe it's not too farfetched that their dining staff doesn't fall too far from that tree.

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        Hung, the link goes to an article about a woman driving in HOV with a dummy... can you correct the link?
        Love bad resto gossip!

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          I think the woman in question worked in the hospitality industry and my guess is this was HungWeiloLo's event coordinator.

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            She's management / sales at Newcastle. I was trying to make a point (failing, I guess) that you might be able to extrapolate the kind of people who works there.