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Dec 1, 2011 12:21 PM

Restaurant or pub with function room in West Roxbury / Jamaica Plain / Brookline / Newton area?

Looking for a restaurant or pub with a private area for a weekday lunch or early-afternoon gathering of perhaps 30-40 people for eats and drinks in the West Roxbury / Jamaica Plain / Brookline / Newton area. Casual better than fancy, a full license preferred, but all ideas welcome.

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  1. West on Centre in West Rox has a nice function room -

    1. in the past I've had private parties at Matt Murphy's of about that size. I'm not sure if they still do that, though.

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        My friends held my baby shower at James' Gate (South Street, JP) about a decade ago (gulp). They set us up on the "restaurant" side and we had the full menu/bar access. We loved it.

        1. re: powella

          Perhaps the Fireplace would let you have the entire backroom which might work for that number. Good bar and very nice lunch menu. We have done that with Dok Bua and it worked well (we had 30). I like Masona Grill in West Roxbury but don't know whether that's something they can handle. Fiorella's might also work.

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            Beacon Street Tavern in Brookline has a function room.

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              jpcat that's good to know. I like the Tavern though I tend to stick with the original at Washington Square which is too small for most functions.

      2. Doyle's could maybe work.

        Bella Luna/Milky Way might also be an option on a weekday, although not sure if they ever do table service in their side room?

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          Back room of Doyle's was my first thought as well.

        2. Union Street in Newton Centre has an upstairs room that they use for private parties - it has a bar abd pool table - the place is very casual and services pub food (think wings, fried pickles) but is big enough for your group - I did a high school grad party there and it worked out well, the people were nice to work with

          1. Did you see the review of the Porter Cafe in the Globe? Maybe they would do a private party for you.
            It fits the bill.


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              Regina's in Allston has a meeting room off the main dining room plus a glassed in porch where your guests can be thrilled silly as the train roars by. And the food/drinks are reasonable.