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Dec 1, 2011 10:22 AM

Little Mountain Coffee - a neighbourhood gem - others like it?

This little unobtrusive cafe located at the corner of 33rd and Main is really a neighbourhood gem.

They serve Ethical Bean coffee and donuts with a smile. I've been several times now, and the double espresso is always made nicely, with a good crema and smooth finish. It is reasonably priced too at $2.

They also serve Ethical Bean "fairtrade organic" donuts. I understand fairtrade coffee. But I'm not entirely clear what a fairtrade organic donut is exactly other than very good marketing for a mostly locally sourced organic donut, but they are tasty and reasonably priced at $1.

My two favourites are the toffee chocolate donut, which had large chunks of crunchy toffee over a nice homemade tasting chocolate frosted cake donut, and the lavender donut, which is a cake donut with a lovely natural lavender flavour topped with some dried lavender for good measure (those are not purple sprinkles!).

Service is always very friendly and very concerned about the quality of everything.

What other little gem cafes do you know of serving good espresso at a reasonable price with nice sweet treats and very easy free parking? I love Little Mountain when in that area, but building up knowledge of several more in other parts of the city would be great!

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  1. You are a font of info today! I've been wondering about this place for a while. I am so there for the doughnuts, especially for $1. One of my pet peeves is that it's hard to find good coffee in tandem with quality snacks, overpriced or no. I liked the toffee cookies they were getting at Kafka's for a while but haven't seen them lately. And savoury pastries are even more scarce.

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      I share that pet peeve, Grayelf! One other location that I've found good coffee with quality snacks is Italia Bakery. They added a little counter where you can snack on your snack and drink your coffee when they renovated.

      Their espresso has a nice crema and smooth finish (every single time I've been except the one time it wasn't made by one of the middle aged Italian women - be sure to have them make your coffee!).

      And I really enjoy their sfogliatelle, although the last time I went (pictured below) it had a bit too much powdered sugar on it, but otherwise was just as good as usual once I shook a bit of the sugar off.

      1. re: YVRChow

        I have never had the coffee at Italiabakery. I usually only go to get a boxful of treats. I'll have to check it out.

        Any yeah - to echo greyelf: I wish more coffee joints offer more and better savoury snacks - and sandwiches don't count.

        1. re: YVRChow

          I stumbled onto LMC a little while ago, and while for me the ambience is nothing special, just average, I did enjoy the coffee and as noted the donuts are reasonably priced and decent.

          Thanks for reminding me of Italia Bakery YVRChow. I live in the area but I didn't realize they serve coffee. For an area with a traditionally large Italian population, there is a surprising lack of decent cafes in the area- Laughing Bean seems to be the most popular, but I don't really dig it, although I can't really put my finger on why.

      2. FYI they have the doughnuts every day but no croissants on Sunday. Looking forward to trying LMC!