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high-end chocolate bars: Oialla, Amano, and Felchlin

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I'm looking to buy some Oialla, Amano, and Felchlin chocolate bars. I haven't been able to track down any shops that carry them -- especially all three brands.

A shop in the south bay / peninsula is preferred, but San Francisco works, too. Anyone know of a shop? Failing that, a single online merchant (I have found separate merchants, which means separate shipping charges).

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  1. Fog City News carries Amano -- I'm not sure about the others. I know I've bought "wild" Bolivian chocolate bars there -- they have a very large selection of high-end chocolate bars.

    Fog City News
    455 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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      Fog City is your best bet, but now sure if they carry Felchlin chocolate. In Palo Alto there is a woman that goes to the Saturday farmer's market and sets up across the street. It is hit or miss but she has a lot of harder to find bars. Draegers has sometimes carried Amano, but they are hit and miss. Did you try Chocosphere online?

    2. Not local, but The Meadow has a great inventory of chocolate bars: www.atthemeadow.com/shop

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      1. I don't want to dis your favorite chocolates, but I do want to recommend Vice Chocolates--small batched, locally owned, and incredibly good. Since you're on he Peninsula, you can order from from the website, otherwise available at her booth at the Temescal Farmer's Market