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Dec 1, 2011 09:45 AM

Naf Naf Grill in Naperville

Just went there for my second visit and loved it even more than the first. Think middle eastern cuisine meets Chipotle. Bright and clean restaurant with great service. The chicken shawarma is outstanding, as are the kabobs. I've had the beef tenderloin, chicken breast and the beef kifta. All fantastic. And the pitas are the best ever! I strongly recommend everyone try this place.

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  1. Never been because it would take a court order to get me to go to Naperville but they're soon to open in Niles. However they have some mighty big shoes to fill in this town. Salam and Nesh are in my regular rotation and are pretty hard to beat (or even match).

    1. Please, please, for the love of everything worthy of reason, don't use "Naf-Naf" and "Chipotle" in the same sentence ever again. Please. It's just wrong. If anyone described it like that before I had been there, I would never have tried it. Ever. Anyway, I think this place bills itself as being Israeli food, so it's a subset of Middle Eastern in general, but a different twist. I CRAVE the lentil soup. CRAVE it. It's great on it's own, but with a nice dollop of that red hot sauce...I rarely am out in Naperville, but Naf Naf is generally a "must." Chicken shawarma sandwich, lentil soup, and baba g with falafel are my go to's there. And the pita is very special indeed. It is from my understanding, typical Israeli pita, super fluffy. Definite pillows of yum. The new naf naf model does look very "mall foody,' but do not let that fool you, it's pretty decent stuff. I think the first one was set up in an old Taco Bell building. Good eats, indeed. Man, that soup is SOOOOOOO good with a splash of that hot sauce.

      1. We love Naf Naf too and have gone since it was in the Taco Bell site but not a fan of their Freedom Drive location. It's too noisy and chaotic. We have been going to the Aurora location which is at the Fox Valley Mall near the McDonalds. Just a better layout IMHO.