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Dec 1, 2011 09:33 AM

Xmas Eve Showdown- China Yuan or Yummy House?

Christmas Eve dinner for a party of three, wondering whether to hit China Yuan, Yummy House 1, or Yummy House 2. I know this has been discussed before, but I was wondering if the "occasion" nature of the 24th would make a difference one way or the other. I know that YH2 is supposed to have the better atmosphere, but we'd put food over decor/waiter disposition.

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  1. Yes, it's been discussed, but I'd like to revisit the question, b/c I do think the "occasion" nature of the 24th warrants it.
    I tend to think that China Yuan does better with meat dishes, and Yummy House with seafood, tofu and veg. I realize that this is a bit too general, but I don't eat meat and while I read a lot of beef dishes at CY being praised here, I have always preferred YH. So that became my theory!
    So I'd pick YH, but which location?? There's the rub...

    1. I love the new YH and will likely never step foot back in the original one. That being said, we just ate at China Yuan last Friday and it was wonderful. The last 5 times we had Chinese prior was at the new YH. They are both great so flip a coin or go to the one that is closest to you. You will win at either one.

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        I think you are 110% correct in this observation, R!

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          New Yummy House. Atmosphere is great, service has really stepped up, and the food has been very good. Albeit i might be partial to it since i live so close and go all the time.

          As for China Yuan, the last time i went there i was disappointed, but maybe I'm just ordering the wrong dishes.

          1. re: limetruk

            I've had hits and misses at CY, and primarily hits at YH1, but YH2 has yet to serve me something I didn't enjoy.

        2. Being half Chinese and having lived 10-20 minutes from NYC's Chinatown my entire life up until moving to Tampa in March, I have eaten at all 3 of the restaurants that you mentioned several times in an attempt to curb the only real cause of homesickness that I ever experience here... my longing for authentic Chinese food. I've eaten at China Yuan the most, even though I find it to be less consistent, but I am usually in the neighborhood between lunch and dinner when YH1 is closed and besides, I like the friendliness of their staff. Personally I think YH2 is the way to go. I went there on opening night, and even though it was a shitshow, all the food was still on point. I know people who swear by YH1 saying you pay extra for the atmosphere at YH2, but so what? It's still a good value either way considering what else is in Tampa and the difference in decor is drastic enough to be worth paying for when it's a date or special occasion. YH1 looks more reminiscent of the late night Chinatown spots in NYC where people go after long nights of drinking, too concerned with steamy noodles and cold Tsingtaos to notice the hard chairs.

          1. Thanks for the input, everyone. YH2 is booked.