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Dec 1, 2011 09:23 AM

Oyster aficionados - Ameripure oysters?

The website touts them as a "safer" oyster... but how do they taste? I'm an east coast oyster gal, I love my wianno, malpeque, old salt, cape may salts...

Though I have had some gulf oysters that I did like, I don't recall the names... what "kind" of oysters are the Ameripure oysters?

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  1. I found out about Ameripure the hard way a few years ago at a seafood restaurant in the southern US while traveling for work. The flavor is dull and the texture is off compared to fresh raw oysters. Ameripure (the company) takes oysters from the Gulf of Mexico, basically pasteurizes them to make them "safe" to eat raw, then sells them. IMO, this process robs them of flavor.

    1. Just say no! They lose flavor and texture in the process. I've had these and "Gold Band" oysters, and they're less creamy, the texture has less 'give' and flavor is less briny and duller. (Sorry if I'm repeating what Mels said, but it's all true.)

      Oysters that keep for 21 days... eeehhhh.

      Also: the second time I tried the Gold Band ones, my lips and tongue began to swell. Have never had similar reaction before, and not since (plenty of other oysters since).

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      1. Thanks for the heads up on the "gold band" oysters too! We're going to an Oyster bar tomorrow, the 'board' they have posted online today has: (each 1.75)
        Wianno, Cape Cod, MA
        Gold Band, Houma, LA
        Malpeques, PEI, Canada
        Emerald Cove, Denman Island, BC
        Blue Points, Long Island, NY
        Olde Salt, Chesapeake Bay, MD
        Chef Creek, Bayes Sound, BC
        Barcats, Chesapeake Bay, MD
        Rappahannock, Rappahannock River, VA
        Ameripure, LA
        Chincoteaques, VA
        Cape May Salt, NJ
        Beyond the ones I mentioned that I personally like, any "must try" suggestions here?

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          Where is this list at that price? Cape May salts l have always gotten at Snockey's, almost plate oysters. Am very suprised to see Chincoteagues on that list as l thought they were unusable due to pollution many years back.

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            It must be Harry's in Atlantic City
            Interesting info on the pasteurized oysters, I did notice the ones I had in NOLA last year seemed flabbier and not as salty as Malpeques (which are my faves) although they looked the same.

            I've had Emerald Cove and Chef Creek, they are readily available here and much cheaper that the east coast oysters but IMHO not as good, they have a "creamy" texture and are not as salty.

            1. re: hsk

              In New Orleans, if you get them from an oyster bar such as Felix's, they are shucked far in advance if you sit at a table and stored on ice which dilutes the liquid and makes them flabby. At Felix's, for example, when you stand at the oyster bar they are shucked fresh.

              1. re: hsk

                sorry, went to AC for the weekend, yes it was at Harry's.

                we skipped Harry's and went to Dock's Oyster House instead. Interestingly Docks' doesn't serve Ameripure or Gold Band Oysters (Harry's is owned by the same family) and Chincoteagues were not on the black board either

                We settled in on half Cape May Salts and half Wiannos
                (they're 2.00 each at Dock's)
                it was worth the extra three bucks to eat there, believe me!

          2. I live just down the beach from the Apalachicola oyster beds. Here, Ameripure oysters are regarded as a great option if you've got a compromised immune system, liver issues, or have another legit reason to be concerned about vibrio but are otherwise only fit to be eaten by tourists who don't know any better.

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            1. re: beachmouse

              I grew up on apalach oysters as well, I love them, but I will say that Ameripure oysters are very good as well, yes less briny (my preference anyway) and a little less slimy. But very good none the less.

            2. Ameripure oysters is to Kumamoto Oysters as "I can't believe it's not butter" is to butter.