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Your plans for New Year's Eve?

Will you stay home, throw a party, go to a party, go to a restaurant or club? We'll be having a dinner for two at home with a long dinner--lobster likely to be one course--and watch an old movie. Probably won't make it until midnight, so will have some champagne earlier in the evening. (We've been invited to friends but staying home has become our NYE tradition.) What will you be doing?

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  1. We always stay home on NYE. Dinner for two (probably lobster in some form), lots of good wine and bubbly, fire in the fireplace and LOTS of college football.

    1. I'll be working and no chance of getting it off unless a miracle occurs.
      It's ok, but would rather be off.

      1. Staying in and loving it. We'll be at home, with a fire, some good movies and lots of bubbly and good food if I have anything to say about it. And, I think I do!
        Crab will be likely, and I may get a nice dry-aged ribeye. I'd like to do a decadent spread of several things, maybe oysters and caviar, depending...
        Often I am overly ambitious and too exhausted to carry through on these things, though. Crab, bread and a salad of chicories may suffice. Definitely bubbly and whatever dessert is requested.

        1. Go to a friend's house (within walking distance; getting a cab is a nightmare on NYE and the subway can be a real shit show) for a small-ish party. Good drinks, good food, good times (and the Twilight Zone marathon in the background).

          I go out to eat and out for drinks a few times a week, so I don't see a point of making a special deal out of doing so for New Years Eve.

          1. We'll be on a cruise over Christmas and NYears.

            1. After last year's hugely successful black tie gala party with about 45 of our closest friends '-), we've decided to throw the same event again this year. Our friends are incredibly grateful that someone -- *anyone* -- would go through the hassle, and we don't mind b/c we had such a fantastic time ourselves. I spent most of the night dancing, and the last people left around 3 am.

              There will be some finger food & likely some homemade sandwiches (which were very much appreciated later in the evening last year -- ciabatta, ham / roast beef and cheddar) to provide a good base for all the booze that likely will be consumed; thankfully, a few of our close friends will chip in to help with expenses (dance floor, catering, drinks, champagne for midnight), and most guests are likely to bring a bottle to share.

              We have about 60 people on our invitee list and 25 have RSP'd already. My guess is it'll be as large as last year if not bigger. Especially our lady friends enjoy the opportunity to get all glammed up -- there aren't any occasions around town to dress up EVER, which is one of the reasons for making it a black tie event.

              Yes, it's always a massive PITA to clean up the next day but that's the price of admission I guess. Plus we won't have to worry about having to get a cab :-)

              Very much looking forward to it already.

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                That sounds like such a lovely evening! Your friends are very lucky to be on the guest list.

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                    It really was / is. I usually get a bit 'stressed out' with that many people in the house -- like I feel like I can't really give every guest equal time, or even be able to focus on a longer conversation.

                    The great thing about NYE is that nobody expects that. They just want to drink, blab about mindless BS, munch on stuff & dance their asses off. Which works just fine for me :-)

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                      For a large graduation party recently, my sister hired a woman to be there for 4 hours and just do the clean up, make sure the bowl of food were filled, pick up the discarded paper plates & cups, and keep the kitchen cleaned up, doing dishes, etc. She said it was the best 100$ she had spent in a long time. She was able to be with her guests and still have everything running smoothly. It was definitely a great move!!
                      I was just wondering how you could find someone to do that? Culinary student?

                      1. re: Nanzi

                        Oh, it's really not that much of a hassle. We won't have paper plates or cups, as we have enough glasses & will likely use reusable plates if needed; the food will be served buffet-style so people can grab anything at any time -- it'll also likely be items that can go on a napkin or be eaten with one bite.

                        Also, the idea of someone doing cleaning WHILE the party is going on just seems.... I don't know, rather disruptive and not very festive to me.

                        I remember throwing a birthday party in Berlin with a friend (our birthdays are the same date), and at some point one of my friends told me my mom was doing dishes in the kitchen. Where guests were hanging out. Ugh. I told her to please stop and leave it for the next day.

                        Nah, we got it all covered. Thanks for the suggestions, tho '-)

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                          My parents would hire my sister for their parties. Since it was adults only (even when all the kids became adults). Before they would hire a neighborhood high school student. They would clean up inconspicuously. Take coats (my sister devised a postit note system since they knew the guest list she would have all the notes ready to be stuck on the coats when people arrived. She would open the door, make sure the drink areas were stocked. Refill anything around the house or on the buffet. They always started the evening with passaround hor'deoves and she would be in charge of that. At the end if the night my parents always clean up before going to bed. She would stay to help with that. Since it was a Christmas party she wore a Santa hat as part of her uniform. It really was not disruptive to the party and my parleys could focus on their guests.

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                      hmmmm.... maybe the boy and i should take a trip east this year....

                        1. re: mariacarmen

                          You're more than welcome, Maria. Just make sure you're both dressed to the nines :-)

                          1. re: linguafood

                            bien sur! if we could make it, we would not shame ourselves. with our clothes.

                      1. i'm rarely home at christmas/new year/birthday. escaping (quite literally) to east Germany this year and Leipzig is where i will be on new year's eve. plan to drink as much Gose as possible, then sleep. peace and quiet, no people, no noise.

                        1. Weather dependent. If it's like a couple years ago hunker in and hope that the neighbors don't throw noisy parties. If it's like last year go out and wander. We had a really good dinner at a neighborhood restaurant sitting at the bar and then took T into Boston to wander about. Ended up getting paid a cover ($1) at a small bar doing an anti NYE night. Low key and unplanned, that's how I like NYE.

                          1. Mrs CHM is a nurse and is working that night. I'll be home with my 2 daughters.
                            May have to fire up the smoker.

                            1. Hoping to be 7.5 hours away in Charlotte with my favorite man (ok, only man!!) and would like to do a smallish dinner party for his neighbors, who make sure he is well fed all the time. He is not the entertaining type and I will come up against a bit of resistance. He'll want to go to his social club. Going to try and work an angle where we can do both, but hanging at home with the neighbors, no one having to drive, and eating great food would be my choice.

                              1. The Hubs and I usually stay home and cook for the next day. New Year's Eve is alright, but New Year's Day is the big holiday for Japanese people. I am lucky enough to be Japanese by marriage, as my husband likes to say. On NYD we all get together and eat and visit all day into the evening.

                                1. I don't think we will be doing anything since a couple of friends have retreats they will be attending. But who knows that can always change. But if doing a something special menu, my biggest thing on the list would be champagne cupcakes.

                                  1. Our next door neighbors usually have a party. If they don't, we stay home.

                                    1. Flying back from the Coast on New Year's Eve, and hope to finally sleep in my own bed. At the best, I might catch the celebration in New York on TV (actually, London would be just fine), and perhaps pop a cork on some bubbles for my wife and me. Can't do too much, as we will be back in the air, in two days, and gone much of January.

                                      Normally, we gather with close friends, who live close, and have dinner, drink some wine, catch up on things, and then are home by 10:30PM.

                                      Think that we've done maybe two celebrations over the last 15 years, and could think of no reason to repeat that.

                                      Stuff just does not seem quite so enticing, when one has a few years (and many New Year's Eves) on them. Missed the fairly recent "biggies," as wife was on call in the command center for 1999-2000 and then again for 2000-2001, just in case some Y2K issues arose. None did, and we had our Champagne, when she got home at about 3:00AM.

                                      For all other - ENJOY, and party like it's 2011 !!!


                                      [Edit] Just read a bunch of other posts, and it seems that I am not alone. Here, I thought that it was just old age setting in. Maybe not?

                                      1. We will be at our place in AZ, most likely just hanging out at home with our daughter and trying to stay awake until midnight. No big plans to go out and we really don't know a lot of people in the area.

                                        1. Our family of four stays in and enjoys a Réveillon Dinner each New Year's Eve. We each prepare a course or two, use the good china and crystal, and open better wines.

                                          1. We always stay home too, even before we had kids. Going out on a holiday = disappointment, always.

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                                            1. ordinarily, I prefer to stay home on NYE if possible, a fireplace, champagne and a movie sound great. But my scuba club has this tradition to go diving on New Year's Day at Point Lobos in Carmel, a two plus hour drive from home, and thus I am usually in the Monterey area over the New Year's holiday . I actually debated renting a small house or cottage so we could do both, but when I compared the cost of the house to my favorite 'dive' hotel there I decided to save the money for an upcoming big trip in February.

                                              So, will be doing my usual NYE thing: heading to Passionfish, a favorite Monterey area restaurant with an outstanding and very reasonably priced wine list (and a real commitment to sustainable seafood, which is particularly important to us as divers, plus no special menu) for dinner with a few diving friends. We might spend an hour or two at Monterey's nice First Night activities if we are really ambitious, and into bed by ten pm so we can be up early to put on the dry suits and jump into that 50 degree water at Lobos! wouldn't want to have it any other way.....

                                              1. Bach, A pair of prime ribs, great sides, a bottle of Joel Gott cabernet, and watching, "It Happened One Night" (also "A Christmas Carol" with Alastair Sim if we have the strength)

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                                                  We usually watch the original "The Thin Man" with Loy and Powell.

                                                  1. re: escondido123

                                                    I watch that every time I see it listed. Some of my favorite movies ever made.

                                                    1. re: Terrie H.

                                                      We finally ended up buying the DVD. The movie has that great New Year's Eve scene in the supper club.

                                                2. Walk two blocks over to our city's First Night event. I love doing that as we get exercise walking around, see neighbors, and catch some great performances. May go out for a casual dinner beforehand. Probably will be asleep before the midnight fireworks as we are not night owls.

                                                  1. Nice home cooked dinner for the two of us. Followed by watching the usual shite on TV and bed as soon as phone calls to the family are completed after midnight.

                                                    1. My husband I have two kids -- 3 and 7 -- and many of our friends have small kids too. So, we have started a tradition (3 or 4 years at this point) of having an "Around the World" New Years Eve party. It starts at 3 PM, which is midnight in Paris, and continues with a count down and "Happy New Year" at 4 (London), 5 (Cape Verde), 6 (Sao Paolo) and 7 (Buenos Aires). Most guests leave by 7:30 or 8 to put their kids to bed. We have a disco ball going in one room and a potluck supper with food from each of the countries we celebrate -- although the highlight of the meal last year were goat cheese & nutella grilled sandwiches for dessert.

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                                                        Absolutely love it. Then once everybody goes home and puts their kids to bed, they can have their only little party for midnight!

                                                          1. re: jessinEC

                                                            Great idea. What food did you have to represent the countries?

                                                            1. re: Harters

                                                              Last year, we had a platter of French cheese & baguettes, someone brought some Brazilian cheese puffs, British chips (fries) and vinegar, and a tropical fruit salad for Cape Verde. I think there was some Argentinian wine, as well! I also make some non-theme food to round things out & make sure kids have a supper (hummus, veggie sticks, noodles). Would love any suggestions for what else to make.

                                                          2. Some kind of bizarre hippies-on-the-beach party in Zipolite, Mexico.

                                                            1. On an airplane back to Dubai from the US. The flight leaves at 9:00 PM on the 31st. Perfect timing.

                                                              While we've had some wonderful New Years' Eve in the past, it isn't a special event for our family so there's no regrets all around about being halfway across the Atlantic when the clock strikes midnight. After all, it'll already be the New Years in Dubai by the time we take off on the 31st.

                                                              1. Spending it at a friend's beach house in the off season. We will probably cook dinner for other friends who have a nearby beach house. It will be quiet and fun!