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Dec 1, 2011 07:59 AM

Exotic Meats Dade/Broward County

In search of a good exotic meat purveyor in Dade or Broward counties. If none local, any good online purveyor would be helpful as well. Game meats like Bison, Boar, Venison and Exotic meats like Yak, Kangaroo, etc...

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  1. i know that you can get several of these (venison, boar, bison, duck, rabbit, quail, and possibly alliator) at Deleware Chicken and Fish. some of them you may have to let them know ahead of time on, but some are there at all times!

    I was just there yesterday. very good selection, and the produce market right next door has a really good selection as well

    I would also suggest Doris italian for a few of the more "tame" of your exotic tastes (would suggest calling them first as well

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      Seems like a cool store - I wish I had known about it the year I lived in Pompano Beach, but that was 1995 BC (before Chowhound).

      1. re: Veggo

        it is. and its right down the street from foodtown, which is another place i would suggest checking for some more exotic things OP

      1. re: jpr54_1

        most of delaware chickens' rabbits, etc r frozen

        i second their neighbor for fruits,veggies- try the discount rack in back-$1 a pkg
        i bought mangoes,green peppers, endive, heirloom tomatoes, -

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          Try Smitty's butcher in Oakland Park on Florinada. While many of those are frozen they do carry most of them and their meats are always top quality

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