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Dec 1, 2011 07:56 AM

So sad to hear that The Flying Pig is closing

Although it wasn't one of my favorite places i still liked to frequent it. clearly others felt the same way. I dont like seeing all these restaurants leaving the seems like there is such a need for quality food, in a nice atmoshphere with moderate/fair prices. Not sure why nothing seems to come and stay...i look at the modern barn in Armonk, and many restaurants in southern westchester and wonder why that wouldnt do well in mt.kisco.
Hope we can attract some new quality restaurants to the are...

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  1. that is sad. things can't be so bad for them that they have a pr firm handling their afairs though

    1. While the food was always okay (if never great), the atmosphere at the new place was somehow just missing for me.
      It was just not a place we ever found ourselves wanting to go.... whereas for whatever reasons we really DID like Antico (its predecessor in the space)

      Modern Barn is a good comparison. The food is no better, but the atmosphere majorly is.