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Dec 1, 2011 07:02 AM

Shabbos in Oslo, Norway

Does anyone know about kosher food and/or Shabbos meal hospitality in Oslo? Spending Shabbos in Olso has become necessary for me after all, and the kosher store is not open on Friday when I arrive.

I've emailed the local Chabad and "Kosher Catering by Janki" as well as the general email for the community (DMT Oslo). No one has responded yet...

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  1. I spent a Shabbat there once, years ago. Tiny community. In your situation, I would bring my own food.

    Lovely city.

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    1. re: AdinaA

      Thanks for your reply, Adina.

      That's really disappointing. I was really hoping they'd be more responsive and willing to help a visitor with Shabbat meals (especially since Chabad seems to only have started up there a few years ago). Shame.

      1. re: phenanthrene

        Chabad has different models in different place. In some places, they are all about serving tourists. Elsewhere, they focus serving the local community.

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          I did eventually get a response from someone from the shul (who said kosher food is only available in frozen form in the shop, which is not open Fridays anyway, and that there are many vegetarian restaurants in Oslo). I also heard from the caterer. No response from Chabad yet.

          As you suggested originally, I will probably bring my own food and eat in my hotel room.

          Any suggestions for vegetarian main dishes that travel well and don't need refrigeration or heating? I can supplement with locally-bought fruits and veg.

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            Travelers on this board have done well with products like "My own Meals" and "La Briute".

            Use both terms to search the board to see which ones tasted well.

            1. re: vallevin

              Yes, I have read all of those threads. Opinions seem very mixed.

              I just picked up a couple to try out - the LaBriute "Cheese Ravioli" and "Vegetarian Honolulu Nuggets with Pineapple".

              Assuming they're edible and I pack them in my case, does the self-heating mechanism cause any problems with airport security here or abroad? It's not potentially "explosive"?

              1. re: phenanthrene


                As coincidences go.... My husband and I will be testing the cheese ravioli tonight. We will be do a big trip (Utah/Idaho/Montana/Wyoming) in summer 2012 and he wants me to start testing the La Bruite AND My own meals now to figure out what tastes best.

                I don't know what to say about airport safety, maybe you should call the company to double check. I did see there is a salt water packet (actual liquid) included I wonder if there are any issues with the packaging breaking as the pressure changes with altitude.

                La Bruite Cheese Ravioli report to follow in a few hours.

                1. re: vallevin

                  SO funny! I'm trying mine tonight too! We can compare notes...

                  1. re: phenanthrene

                    A quick google search revealed this scary report from the Federal Aviation Administration:

                    "Tests were performed with individual MREs in an open environment and multiple MREs in a confined space to examine the potential hazard associated with their use in an aircraft cabin. The tests also examined accidental activation of FRHs in a confined area aboard the aircraft, such as in overhead storage bins or a cargo compartment. Temperatures in excess of 215°F and violent ignition events were observed. It is evident from the tests that the release of hydrogen gas from these MREs is of a sufficient quantity to pose a potential hazard onboard a passenger aircraft."

                    I think I'll be exploring alternative options!

    2. I believe Norway is one of the countries that ban schechita (joining Sweden and Switzerland), so meat is a luxury as it's all imported and very expensive (much more so than Kosher meat anywhere else). In Sweden, at least, many observant Jews have limited meat meals. Bringing your own to Oslo is probably a good idea.

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        I'm actually a vegetarian, so meat isn't an issue. But thank you for your response!