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Dec 1, 2011 06:30 AM

Where to eat in Snowshoe village

Anyone have recent reports on the restaurant scene at snowshoe?

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  1. This is a hard question to answer right now because there has been a lot of turnover of the restaurants at the top of the mountain. I'm not sure that the replacement restaurants are even open yet, so I can't tell you how they are.
    I think the best restaurant currently is Elk River, which is not on the mountain, but south on 219 towards Marlinton. Many of the items are local and the food is delicious (though some of it very rich), but it is definitely a drive (probably 15-20 minutes) if you are staying at the top. Have a designated driver to get you on and off the mountain.
    At the base of the mountain, there had been a great Mexican place called Huarache Loco which, unfortunately, closed. I heard that the owners of Elk River were planning on opening a sandwich type place there, which I think they were calling Fiddlehead, or something like that. I'm not sure it's even open yet, but I would guess that the food will be good based on our experience at Elk River. Also at the base of the mountain, Woody's BBQ is decent (though not exceptional) barbecue and fairly reasonably priced.
    At the top of Snowshoe, the best restaurant had been Ember (located in Soaring Eagle). It also has closed but a new restaurant (South Mountain Grill, or something similar) is going in that spot. Again, I'm not sure if it's open yet. We spoke to the owner about a month ago, and he said that the chef is the same that they had at Ember. The menu is a little more oriented to steak than it had been in the past, but there also were some items that looked familiar from the old Ember menu. They are also opening a sushi place next door. No idea how that will be, but I would be willing to give it a try.
    Taste of Asia, another of our old favorites, has closed. A tex-mex restaurant is going in it's place. I would imagine it will be fairly standard tex mex fare.
    Foxfire is still there. It has decent food and a wide variety of things to choose from. Cheat mountain Pizza is still there which has decent, though pricey, pizza. Avoid the Junction. The hot dog place, Red Rover, has closed. There is a sandwich shop in its place. I haven't eaten there, but have heard it's ok.
    Historically, there haven't been many "can't miss" restaurants at Snowshoe. I think it's also really hard for the restaurants to make it given the very high rent and seasonal nature of the business. If you want a really gourmet meal, your best bet may be to make it yourself in your condo(. Bring your groceries yourself, because the grocery store situation is sad.) Otherwise, Elk River is very good, and I suspect South Mountain will be good too.

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      You can see menus for Elk River, South Mountain, Stash (the sushi place, which looks like it's opening this weekend), and Fiddlehead on line or on FB.

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        We were at Snowshoe this weekend and ate at the new Tex-Mex place, Sunset Cantina. I was pleasantly surprised. The food was far better quality than I had expected. Servings were huge, so definitely could be shared. Nice selection of beers. The service was remarkably good given that the restaurant had opened the day before.
        The next day we ate at Old Spruce. Some of the things (smoked trout wrap) were very good, some (chicken salad) weren't great.

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          Thanks for the info. We're heading there at the end of January, so any additional feedback would be appreciated. I think we're stuck with the options at the top of the mountain, as no one wants to cook and everyone wants to drink.

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            How long will you be there? Will you be eating out for both lunch and dinner?

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              We are going for two nights. Driving up Sunday and leaving Tuesday afternoon, and will be eating out both lunch and dinner.

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                We were back up at Snowshoe over Christmas and New Years. We stay off the mountain, so didn't eat any dinners up there, so I can't help you as much as I would like. We had several very good lunches at Sunset Cantina. It's not really Mexican, more Tex Mex inspired, but currently our favorite in the village. Foxfire is also fairly good, though if you eat there, I would recommend the bbq instead of the burgers (which are pre made patties). We ate at Fiddlehead, which was a bit disappointing, both in terms of food and service. They had just opened, so I might be willing to give it another try later. We tried to eat at SouthMountain Grill for brunch, but it was closed when we got there. If you want more upscale dining, I would give that a try for dinner, based on the chef having been good when it was Ember. Technically, it's not in the Village, but you can get there on the shuttle without anyone needing to drive. Unfortunately, there are fairly limited options in the Village. None of them are can't miss, and they are priced as you might expect for being in a touristy spot. If I were planning two lunches and two dinners there, I would probably pick Sunset Cantina and Foxfire for lunch and South mountain, Stash, or Sunset Cantina for the dinners.

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                  OK, we were back at Snowshoe this weekend and made it to South Mountain Grille for dinner. It's more fine dining than the other places on the mountain, has a more urban feel (for being in the WV mountains) and the food was good. Serving sizes were huge, and definitely could be split (or taken home).

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                    Thanks for the reports. Heading up a week from Sunday, and Sunset Cantina and South Mountain Grille are on the radar. Is there still an Asian/Sushi place. As I'm typing that, I realize its probably not a great idea in WV.

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                      Taste of Asia has closed, but there is a new sushi place called the Stash next to South Mountain Grille. We haven't tried it yet. It's fairly small, only open for dinner, and they don't take reservations. It was hopping the other night when we went to South Mountain. I have been surprised (in a good way) in the past by some of the seafood they have managed to get in WV. If you go to South Mountain, it may be worth popping in to the Stash to take a look at the sushi counter and see how things look.
                      Have a great time! There's not as much snow as in years past, but they've done a good job with getting trails open.

      2. Just got back from snowshoe. Had four meals out and two good days of skiing before the warm weather came in. Here's my two cents.

        Sunset Cantina - The best meal of the trip. Very tasty Tex-Mex and great service. They seem to pay attention to detail in the kitchen, as even the beans and rice were not an afterthought. Cornmeal shrimp relleno is not to be missed

        Cheat Mountain Pizza - A small step up from digiorno. Wings were poor and service a bit slow due to understaffing. Least favorite meal, although not offensive pizza to fill up a family for less money than other options

        Stash - The place was empty, so we decide on sushi over south mountain. All in all, pretty tasty. Fish selection was very limited and quality was average, but the flavors were good and the rice was spot on. The guys behind the counter did a good job with what they had to work with

        Foxfire- had a decent lunch here, but felt like they had used the better pre-fab options out there. Wings were very tasty as were the fries. Not bad, not great

        All in all, slightly better than expected for 20% more money than outside the resort (also expected)

        1. 2013 update: South Mountain Grille is now open for lunch. It's priced comparably to the other full service restaurants for lunch, and the food is better quality than most. For example, I think it may be the only place on the mountain where you can get a real hamburger instead of a Cisco patty. Their lunch menu had a nice variety too. I hope they stay open for lunch, as it's a good option, and nice not to face Ballhooter lift at lunchtime. Despite bad reviews on TA, Sunset cantina remains another favorite.