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Dec 1, 2011 03:03 AM

2012 Michelin Guide to HK & Maceau

The new guide is out with a few changes at the top. I recognize it is a much derided publication but that said it is quite useful as a guide especially at the "bib" level and has some pointers to god food.

Headlines are:

Two new 3 stars plus a 3 to 2 move: Otto e Mezzo and Joel Robuchon (HK) go up, and Sun Tun Lok drops to 2.

New 2 stars are: Bo Innovation, Lei Garden (Ming kok)', Shang Palace, Spoon, and Ye Shanghai (Kowloon). Cuisine Cuisine, T'ang Court and Tim's Kitchen drop to one.

At the one star level, Ah Yat Harbour View, Cuisine cuisine (IFC), Lei Garden (CB), Mirror, Tin Lung Heen, Yue are new to the guide, whilst Lei gardens (elements), Man Wah, St George, The Chairman, Xin Dau Jim (Jordan) all make it to one star from non-rated but listed in last years guide.

Demotions from one star: Cafe Gray, DTF (CB), Farm House, Kung Lum, Golden Leaf, Kins Kitchen, Lei Bisto, Regal Palace, Yung Kee (Central).

And there are approx 27 new bibs Bibs but as the guide doesn't list any demotions this year I can't tell which ones have dropped off - and I can't be bothered to cross check however the numbers are up to 56 from approx 46 last year.

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  1. Yay for Ye Shanghai :-)

    Thanks for the update, PhilD.

    1. Obviously the inspectors of Michelin haven't experienced the 'true calibre' of Yung Kee's kitchen by eating at the lower floors!! Ha!! May be they should consult chowhounders to get the inside scoop?!

      L'Atelier Robuchon a 3*??!! whilst a 'more meticulous and better service' Tokyo' L'Atelier only a 2*??!! Interesting!

      About time Man Wah get a star but Lei Garden Mong Kok a 2*??! Guess I have to give the latter a bigger scrutiny the next time I eat there!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        I've been to Yung Kee twice. Both times were pretty bad. I pretty much won't go back. I don't recall sitting on the fourth floor but I abhor inconsistency where people on the first floor get crap food while people on the top floor are attended to better. I can understand difference based on location but within the same building?? pass.

        I prefer amber to caprice. I went to Tim's Kitchen once. Not really a big fan of that place. I agree with Man Wah, that place is a go to place for me. And I would give Lei Garden a "bib" at best ...

        Yay Mirror!!! love that place!

        Here is the list:

        Three Stars:


        L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

        Lung King Heen

        8-1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana

        Robuchon a Galera (Macau)

        Two Stars:


        Bo Innovation

        Celebrity Cuisine

        Lei Garden (Mong Kok)

        Ming Court


        Shang Palace

        Spoon by Alain Ducasse

        Sun Tung Lok

        Ye Shanghai (Kowloon)

        The Eight (Macau)

        Wing Lei (Macau)

        Zi Yat Heen (Macau)

        New One Stars:

        Ah Yat Harbour View

        Cuisine Cuisine (IFC)

        Lei Garden (Causeway Bay)

        Lei Garden (Elements)

        Man Wah


        St. George

        The Chairman

        Tin Lung Heen

        Xin Dau Ji (Jordan)


        Golden Flower (Macau)

        1. re: Hot Chocolate

          @ Hot Chocolate. Which Lei Garden are you refering to?! Surely not all??!! Besides, some of Lei Garden's food can be sublime!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            i think i've only gone to IFC ... but i'll go to the two rated mong kok and also elements is easy to go to. just made a reservation for tin lung heen in late dec. excited to go!

            i think i noticed tim ho wan has lost its star?

            1. re: Hot Chocolate

              Ah!! Lei Garden at IFC is known to have the most inferior food of all the 'popular' Lei Gardens until recently! May be that's why your experience was so-so??!!
              Not surprised about THW due to their rapid expansion!

              1. re: Hot Chocolate

                THW hasn't lost either of the stars both the older branches still have one a piece. Hot Chocolates one star list is just the new ones not the complete list.

            2. re: Hot Chocolate

              Same sentiments here wrt Yung Kee. Pity really, it *was* good, but that was a long, long time ago.

          2. I have eaten at Yung Kee since 1998 both on the ground floor and upstairs. It's standard has dropped a lot since 2009. The waiting staff are no longer helpful to those who don't speak Cantonese. The plate of thinly sliced goose is no longer on the menu. That said, the roast goose in chunks and the century egg are still great but there are many other places which are just a good with better service.