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Nov 30, 2011 11:21 PM

Food you stand in line or wait for

I wish I had a story for you , but I haven't. I wish I had. So your favorites or stories wherever you live. How long have you waited and how good was it.

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  1. I regularly wait 10-15 minutes for the pollo asado or al pastor burrito at the Tribeca Taco Truck in NYC. Plump beans, perfectly cooked rice, and meat seasoned just right. I guess that's not much of a story, but they make a damn good burrito.

    1. The Halal carts @ Columbus Circle, however long it takes.

      1. I waited 22 minutes on Monday for a corned beef sandwich at a local deli in Boca which wasn't even busy, and wasn't happy because I only get 30 minutes for lunch. By the time I got back to work I barely had time to wolf it down. I know the time because my receipt had the order time on it. Pretty sure they forgot to make mine as the 2 people that came in after me got theirs first.

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          Whether sit-down or carry-out, people who arrive after me yet get waited on/served before me is one of the things I find most irritating (excepting call-in orders, naturally). There are restaurants that I have refused to return to after this happened, especially if bringing to a manager's attention does some bring positive result.

          But on the upside, there is a Serbian restaurant in my city that makes everything from scratch, so a one-hour wait for a burek is not uncommon. But it is definitely worth the wait.

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            When Tom Jenkins was in Boca Raton I was waiting in line to be seated and a lady drove up in her Mercedes and walked in and tried to cut in front of the line - the owner's wife saw this and came out around the counter and severely scolded her, telling her to get in the back of the line. I'm sure no body had ever spoken to her in that fashion.

          2. Wirtshaus "Zur Henne" in Berlin. Almost always packed to the rafters, you have to get a rez a few days ahead, and you wait anywhere between 30-45 min. for the Best Damn Fried Chicken in Berlin. Totally worth the wait.


            1. My best "waiting in line for dinner" story happened when I lived in San Francisco in the late 70's / early 80's. Paul Prudhomme (and cajun food for that matter) was just becoming well-known outside New Orleans. He brought his "traveling restaurant" to San Francisco. I had just been to New Orleans a few months before this and had been to K Paul's Kitchen and was enthralled with it, so I was determined to go. Several friends were meeting me there, but I volunteered to get there first and save our place in line. I got there about 4:30 and there were about 30 people ahead of me, all of whom, as it turned out, like me, were holding a spot for an additional few people each. My friends arrived. The first seating happened, we weren't anywhere near able to get in for that. We waited and waited and got hungrier and hungrier and started making friends with others in line. Eventually, we ordered a pizza with our newfound friends to keep ourselves from starving to death. We decided what we wanted to eat from the menu posted outside. By the time we got seated, at 11:30 pm, they had run out of what we'd wanted to order. I remember what I ended up having was a pasta done with tasso ham, which I had never heard of before, and other delectable stuff. We all loved what we ordered. The staff was all from New Orleans and were thrilled to be in SF - they were throwing Mardi Gras beads everywhere. It was a very festive atmosphere. We all thought it was TOTALLY worth it!