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Nov 30, 2011 11:10 PM

Anyone know of a restaurant that makes its own century eggs and/or salty eggs?

Does anyone know of a restaurant in California that still makes its own preserved eggs? It seems like most everyone, even the restaurants, buy the packaged ones from Taiwan. Admittedly, they probably taste very similar to eggs made on the spot since the whole point of these processes is to extend their shelf-life.

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  1. Actually most of the ones in the markets that I've seen are from the PRC, not Taiwan.

    In any case, I don't know of restaurants that produce their own, but from time to time, I've noticed locally made salted eggs at stores like Marina Foods.

    Here's a link to Metzger Farms in Gonzales (south Monterey County) that produces salted eggs.

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      Thanks--these are good suggestions!

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        it's true that most century eggs (pi dan) come from PRC mainly because they sell it cheaper and can produce it cheaper.
        because of rumored unsanitary manufacturing conditions in PRC, some people will pay more for pi dan from taiwan.
        these pi dan may be found where taiwanese shop, ranch 99 & marina foods, etc.
        i've seen some cantonese restaurtants make their own salty eggs but it was awhile ago and maybe it's for the staffs' personal consumption.