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Nov 30, 2011 09:53 PM

Yay!! How great to have this kind of deli!!

Like many in the Triangle, hubby and I are transplants from New York. In fact, we're both originally from Brooklyn. Growing up, there were delis all over our neighborhoods.

We came from Long Island to North Raleigh five years ago and have sorely missed a Jewish (style) deli.

Once we learned about Weinberg's we eagerly awaited its opening. In fact, we were among those who went there on opening day and took out a variety of goodies.

We fell in love with the pastrami and heavily seeded crusty rye bread.

The potato salad is just like that which we enjoyed up north.

We have since been back two or three times including this morning for breakfast.

We've tried one of the soups, turkey mushroom barley. As a late friend of mine
used to say, it tastes like MORE!!

The rugelach is TDF with the right touch of cinnamon, raisins, nuts and a shmear
of raspberry jelly,

That deli mustard is now in traditional little pots with tiny spoons right on the tables.

I asked about kishke and learned that it should be available in about two weeks.

There is a very proficient and friendly staff now, Whatever questions we've had
were answered well.

Weinberg's is still in the midst of its opening. Kinks are being worked out.

Bottom line, we're very happy campers.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think local CHers have been way too tough on this place. No, it's not an "authentic Jewish deli", it's far from perfect. and you won't find meat'n3 bargains . But hey folks, authentic Jewish delis are a rare find in New York or Long Island these days. Try to find one that sells deli meats other than BoarsHead (and please spare me the raves for BH products) for less than $16 a sandwich.

      And yes we ARE in the South and they do need to serve a market beyond ex-New Yorkers so they will carry other stuff that doesn't fit into a an ideal that barely exists anymore -- even up North. I happen to think that $8.95 for a decent (no, not overstuffed) pastrami sandwich is something to celebrate. And, no the Pig and Neal's do not make the pastrami that i've been salivating for these past 15 years. Weinberg's does. They make a matzoh ball soup swimming in good stuff (use the salt shaker on the table if you must). Their potato salad IS the one I remember and enjoyed from the past (and no those did not have celery). Yes, they have to work on their cole slaw and I suspect their knish baking technique and lots more. But these folks seem to be open to feedback.

      I choose to see the glass half full. Now. let the kvetching begin...

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      1. re: TerryG

        That is one of the most reasonable and well thought out posts that I have seen on the internet. Congratulations, you get it.

        1. re: TerryG

          To a large extent, Terry, you're right. However, Ellen above, and too many others are blanketing the local Raleigh news sites and restaurant review sites with highly partisan - both positive and negative - reviews of this place. The whole situation is very odd. I don't recall seeing a "campaign" like this in a very long time. Frankly, it's gotten tiresome. It's a discussion for another time why this restaurant of all the many that open regularly is engendering such a passionate response.

          1. re: rockycat

            This happens *every time* this type of restaurant comes up for discussion on these boards; you might as well chuckle about it. It's our own little Sisyphean labor.

            1. re: Naco

              Yeah, its more than ironic that the 2 things that incite the most passion are delis with no pork and bbq joints! lol

              1. re: Notaslavetofashion

                But that was one of the issues (not mine) they do have pork

                1. re: chazzer

                  Yeah, I got that. Thus the irony. Much gnashing of teeth over the fact that its not real "jewish" deli because it serves pork, its not authentic, its not like the delis in new york, who puts cheese on pastrami, etc, etc. Contrasted with the natives (myself included) bickering over bbq (which is exclusively pork in NC)...eatsern vs. lexington, whole hog versus shoulder, 2 tablespoons of ketchup ruins the sauce, etc., etc.

                  1. re: Notaslavetofashion

                    The other similarity is that both authentic old-line kosher deli's and authentic old-line wood smoking bbq restaurant's, are both slowly disappearing and being replaced by places like Whinbergs and Dicky's BBQ Pit.